Phu Quoc Half-moon Reef – top snorkeling Spots on Phu Quoc island

In order to gain amazing experience in snorkeling, like scuba diving you need a Top Tier Guide specializing in snorkeling or watery activities with a good understanding of Phu Quoc Coral Reefs regarding underwater terrain at coral reefs to escort, lead you to the best spots at thousands sq m large fringing reefs.
Phu Quoc Half-moon Reef is off the An Thoi town almost 12 km in the South, one of the best spots for both Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Phu Quoc Island with a great variety of coral species covering the seabed on a great scale.
The depth ranges from 2 – 8 m, the water gets calm in Dry season as a result of the surrounding Rocky terrain faces the West, giving Half-moon reef favorable conditions for snorkeling as well as scuba diving. For those who are capable of free-dive, keen to gain adventurous experience then you should immediately make reference to a Free-dive Trip in South Phu Quoc or Snorkeling Trip with Half-moon Reef attached to scheduled venues.
Phu Quoc things to do - Explore Anemone at Half-moon Reef
Phu Quoc things to do – Explore Anemone at Phu Quoc Half-moon Reef, Phu Quoc Island Snorkeling
At first sight, you will be fascinated with big rocks on the island that have been being weathered for millions of years forming up impressive natural sculptures between the sea, aside from that, the fringing reef here is absolutely worth exploring especially with favorable conditions regarding underwater visibility, affected by a very slight breeze or no wind. The area of the reef is around thousands of square meters, teems with hard coral such as Branching Coral, Table Coral, Bushy Coral, Brain, Pillar Coral… and various soft coral species.
Aside from that, one of the best-loved things about the Half-moon Reef is that the underwater rocky as well as rugged terrain making good divers and senior snorkelers hungry for conquering, exploring. You could reach Coral Covered Cliffs at the depth of 5 m with Yellow Nephthea Coral Covering Rocky Cliff with surrounding Brain Corals, Foliose Coral.
For an enthusiastic swimmer or diver, probably around 1-2 hours to discover carefully the whole Half-moon Reef. Some highlight spots should not be missed out: Phu Quoc Large Golden Anemone Reef, Phu Quoc Coral Covered Canyon, Phu Quoc Nephthea Coral Covered Cliff, Phu Quoc Coral Continental Slope, Phu Quoc Twin Helmet-shaped Massive Coral, Phu Quoc Anemone Ground..or some really adventurous challenge of swimming through Phu Quoc Narrow Strait Coral Gorge,…
In the water, you will probably catch sight of many fish species such as a school of Needle-fish, especially you could run into many Humor Puffer Fish swimming around corals at easy. Or you could pay attention to schools of tiny reef fish swimming over Bushy Corals, what a stunning scene!
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