Phu Quoc Island Weather in detail – When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc

Learn the climate of Phu Quoc Island in depth – When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc? – Phu Quoc Guide

It is useful for your Phu Quoc Trip to learn more about the weather in Phu Quoc Island

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Phu Quoc Weather – Sunny skies – Phu Quoc Travel Tips

With a long territory of over 2000 km from North to South as the crow flies, the weather in Viet Nam varies according to various regions of Viet Nam. Therefore it is really necessary for you to comprehend the changes in the weather if you are planning to go on vacation in Viet Nam.

In South Viet Nam in general and Phu Quoc island in particular then the climate is divided into two distinct seasons are Dry and Rainy season. The period of Dry season in Phu Quoc begins in the middle of October and end in early May. During this period of time, throughout Viet Nam will be experiencing the winter and the spring, undergoing a hard cold but whereas Phu Quoc weather,  during Dry season the East side of the island will be suffering the impact of the Northeast monsoon thereby you will see the slightly wavy sea if you visit the Eastern beaches of the island such as Sao Beach, Kem Beach (in the Phu Quoc Southeast), Bai Vong Beach (in the Phu Quoc Mideast), Thom Beach (in the Phu Quoc Northeast). Besides that Phu Quoc lies in Gulf of Thailand, as the result of locating near the Equator you rarely have feeling of the cold of the winter or almost don’t feel that. Right at the end of April, Phu Quoc will be slightly influenced by the upcoming rainy season one month after, you will recognize weather changes from observing sunset time, sometimes in the pre-rainy season time period, you probably see the sun being obscured by thick clouds when approaching the skyline. From May, aside from the specific location lies on the path Northeast and Southwest monsoon direction, due to the high humidity of within 85% – 90%, the rainy season covers the summer and the autumn in Viet Nam, at the thought of the summer many probably refer to the heat as well as sunny skies, but contrary to popular belief the island would be cooling down by persistent heavy rains thereby average temperatures in rainy season is lower than those in the dry season. Typically, in September and October, Phu Quoc weather will be affected significantly by strong winds, we once saw seaports being closed, the boat, ferry, ships were forbidden sea that subsequently caused a food shortage on the island. With a developing asynchronous infrastructure system many of the roads in the main town – Duong Dong will probably be badly flooded. So what will you enjoy if your vacation falls in the Rainy season of Phu Quoc? In terms of Phu Quoc weather information, you could arrange a good plan toward your vacation in Phu Quoc Island.

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Strolling along the beach

Phu Quoc weather in Dry season (October – the end of April) – The best time to visit Phu Quoc?:

+ Of course, very hot regardless of the winter with temperatures between 25°C – over 30°C

+ Northeast monsoon has an effect on Phu Quoc Westside

+ Enjoying calm crystal beaches in the Westside (Bai Truong, White Sand Beach – Bai Sao, Phu Quoc Dragon Beach, Ong Lang, Starfish Beach – Rach Vem, Half-moon Beach – Vung Bau, Casuarina Beach – Bai Dai) (Check out Amazing things to do in Phu Quoc)

+ Cold currents surrounding the island

+ Sunny skies with the temperature around 28°C in April and May, sometimes can reach 38°C as the effect of the upcoming summer

+ Visiting beautiful snorkeling spots at easy because those beautiful coral reefs are hidden from the influence of the Northeast monsoon

+ Joining Professional Deep-sea Fishing Tour or Big Game Trolling Rods


Phu Quoc weather in Rainy season (July – September) – The best time to visit Phu Quoc?:

In contrast to Dry season, Phu Quoc weather absolutely becomes a wet climate during the Rainy season (falls between July – September), there will be significant changes on the island subsequent to the Rainy season.

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Phu Quoc Weather – Tranh Waterfall – Phu Quoc Rainy season – Travel Tips – When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc

+ Often see cloudy skies, persistent heavy rains last for days without stopping, especially from July till the upcoming Dry season

+ But rainfalls are quite irregular due to the special terrain covered nearly 60% by mountains on the “Pearl Island” then it might be raining in North Phu Quoc where is home to a big range of mountains whereas the South Island is covered by slightly sunny skies

+ Warm currents surrounding the island

+ Due to the inevitable consequences under the influence of Southwest monsoon, it would be a trace of hard for your marine tour but you can still visit some beautiful fringing reefs of coral in the An Thoi Archipelago such as Phu Quoc U-Turn, May Rut Ngoai Island and the Phu Quoc Flower-shaped coral colony as well as the Kingdom of Table corals in May Rut Trong Island (Hon Vong)

+ Beautiful beaches can be found on islands on sunny days

+ Waterfalls are full of water, should be very nice to visit


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Phu Quoc Weather – Wet climate – Phu Quoc Climate Change 🙂
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Phu Quoc Weather – Best times to Visit – Phu Quoc Rainy Season – Duong Dong Town – Climate is changing everywhere even on an island surrounded by the vast ocean
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Phu Quoc Weather – Phu Quoc Travel Tips – Phu Quoc Rainy Season – Duong Dong Town – Phu Quoc “Climate” is changing