Unique Snorkeling Tours

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Unique Snorkeling journeys designed by OnBird Phu Quoc with routes & itinerary carefully crafted for the purpose of avoiding crowds, in accordance with the water conditions. Explore hidden snorkeling spots, locales such as Half-moon Reef, Coral Mountain, Crystal Reef, U-Turn, Coral Steep, Northeast Coral Reef…

6.500.00011.300.000/ Group
218 Booked
Available in between November till April (Peak time of the Dry season)
5.400.0009.700.000/ group
505 Booked
Crowd-avoiding tour (limited bookings available)
5.400.0006.400.000/ Group
6 Booked
The only tour designed for family with kids in Phu Quoc Island
5.200.0008.200.000/ group
2 Booked
Mainly focus on snorkeling
1.350.0005.400.000/ Group
58 Booked
The only tour in Phu Quoc serving a maximum of 6 - 8 guests/ tour
6.000.0007.300.000/ Group
1 Booked
Instagrammable - Fun-diving & snorkeling for underwater photography
5.200.00010.600.000/ Group
420 Booked
Sailing & Snorkeling Tour in North Phu Quoc Island
7.500.00014.000.000/ group
451 Booked
3.000.0004.700.000/ Group
5 Booked
Unavailable in this rainy season (for your safety)