[Private- Spearfishing by vintage Army Jeep]- North Phu Quoc in 12 hrs (max 4 persons)

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Duration: 12 hours - Hotel Pick-up Transportation: Vehicle: Army Jeep - Sail: Long-tail Boat - Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off Trip type: Private - Shared Language: Vietnamese - English Inclusions: Self-caught Lunch and Dinner, Mineral Water, soda, beer, fruits, Pro-level Spearfishing gear(spearfishing wetsuits, Freediving fins, Salvimar/Epsealon Spearguns, Dive masks+snorkels), Spearfishing course


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This adventure will take place in the North of Phu Quoc Island in 12-hour length, only 4 people per trip are allowed.
You are cordially invited to go on a spearfishing/island adventure with the Savage Dragon. Spearfishing is an ancient sport, but this time, we are doing it in a modern way. If your picture of spearfishing consists of a man in a speedo standing on a rock-throwing a spear into the water, well… it’s time to update that image a lil’ bit. A modern spearfisher hunt with a speargun is protected by a neoprene wetsuit against the environment of the seas and navigates the underwater depths using a pair of long freediving fins. Sunset is when we shall conclude our hunt, and hopefully we will have gathered enough for our dinner. It’s time to hop back into my jeep and drive back home. Dinner and relaxing time awaits!


  • A private charter with a vintage Army Jeep
  • Escort by a professional ‘hunters’
  • Learn to spearfish
  • Hunt your own fish
  • Enjoy 8-10 kg of fish for lunch and dinner
  • Watch the sunset on remote beaches Campfire, BBQ, drinks on empty beaches

Requirements for Novice Hunters:

  • Adventurous spirit
  • Previous snorkeling experience
  • Good swimming ability
  • Comfortable in the sea

Requirements for Advanced Hunters:

  • The previous freediving experience
  • Previous spearfishing experience
***There is also a “secret” location called Mystery Island so hidden away that no tourist boat ever goes there. It is known to only a handful of local fishermen who go there once a year. In order to get there sea conditions have to be perfect: calm waters, still winds and weak waves. Mystery Island is an absolute gem but is not included in the usual travel plan due to its difficulty to access. However, every now and then, perhaps once a month, there is that perfect day. Should you happen to be the lucky few, I will announce it and the decision to visit it is yours.***

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10:00 AM: Depart from Duong Dong town for the traditional long-tail boat at Ganh Dau Beach   

Pickup time for customers staying outside of Duong Dong town            

  • Marriot area:  9:15 AM
  • Bai Truong area (Sol beach, Novotel, InterContinental): 9:30 AM         
  • Ong Lang area: 10:15 AM               
  • Vinpearl area: 10:30 AM             

10:40 AM: Arrive at Ganh Dau beach, get onto a long-tail boat and sail the North Phu Quoc sea

Price Inclusions:

  • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off by Vintage Army Jeep
  • Top tier English speaking Cicerone – Spearfish-men
  • Mineral Water – Beer
  • Spearfishing course
  • Self-caught Lunch and Dinner
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You are cordially invited to go on a spearfishing/island adventure with us by a vintage Army Jeep in 12 hours to North Phu Quoc. Spearfishing is an ancient sport, but this time, we are doing it in a modern way.

What to expect

What to expect in this spectacular hunt?

You can either come with me as Accompanied Guests or as Hunters. Accompanied Guests get to experience everything but they do not actually do the hunting parts. Hunters, on the other hand, will be supplied with their own spearfishing gear and will go with me to spear some nice fish for the group to eat. Novice Hunters are those trying spearfishing for the first time and will receive instructions on speargun handling and safety. Advanced Hunters will go hunting at their own pace. Either way, everyone will get to taste their own delicious seafood-decked lunch and dinner and experience an adventure like no other on this side of the Gulf of Thailand).
For this North trip, we shall drive to Ganh Dau village and get onto our boat from there. There are five usual hunting spots: Mouse, Almond, and Turtle Island, plus Monkey Beach and Tidal Rocks. Generally, we should have time to visit 2 to 3 spots during our adventure. The decision to visit which spot depends on the weather, visibility, sea roughness, and my judgment as well as experience.
The first order of business is to make landfall at one of our hunting grounds and prepare a campfire for lunch. Thus, the only two viable spots for our first landfall are either Almond Island or Monkey Beach. Almond Island has a rocky shore littered with limestone coral fragments and a lovely spot for our camp under the shade of a beach almond tree. Monkey Beach is a hidden stretch of golden sand without road access – the only way to get there is by boat, thus it remains unspoiled and untouched by mass tourism. You might be wondering… if Almond Island has a beach almond tree, does that mean Monkey Beach has…? Absolutely! There’s a family of monkeys living in the jungle surrounding the beach, and they often come down to pay our meals (and coconuts) a visit.
We can start spearfishing immediately at our first landing spot. I will get the fire going and join the hunt as well. After some hours hunting, we will prepare our lunch, possibly with the fish we manage to get. Afterward, we can resume our hunt. From here our options are quite varied.
We can head towards Mouse Island, which is famous among the local spearfishing community for its abundance of fish – large mackerels, trevallies, parrotfish, tusk fish, coral trouts, emperor hogfish, snappers, mangrove jacks… Whatever your flavor, Mouse Island has gotten you covered.
Another interesting spot is an often overlooked place called Tidal Rocks. These rocks jut out of the waterline and in the distance, you’re more likely to see the sea foam bashing against them, rather than the rocks themselves. This little sanctuary in the open sea provides ample hiding spots for larger cobias and groupers.
Turtle Island is a famous spot for scuba divers, snorkelers, and other guests from Vinpearl. Corals here are without equal, and there is plenty to see underwater. It is a great spot for beginner spearfishers as well as an amazing aquarium for snorkelers and non-spearfishing guests to enjoy.
Sunset is when we shall conclude our hunt, and hopefully, we will have gathered enough for our dinner. It’s time to hop back into my jeep and drive back home. Dinner and relaxing time await!

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