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Duration: 6 hours - in the afternoon Transportation: Speed Boat Trip type: PRIVATE CHARTER Language: Vietnamese - English Inclusions: Hotel Pickup/Drop-off; Private Speedboat Charter; Underwater English speaking guide; Snorkel gear; Ice-box and cold water; fruits; cocktail at beach bar on Island - Sunset BBQ on Island - A surcharge of 20 USD applied to children aged 10 - 14


(applied to groups of adults - from 15 yrs old)



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* From April to October, it’s rainy season. As such, snorkeling & Diving spots (Half-moon Reef – U-Turn) are subject to the Southwest monsoon. We will take you to 4-season Reef and Shallow Reef instead.

Phu Quoc U-Turn is one of the best well-known names among professional divers coming to the island.

The route and schedule enable us to avoid the crowds. Taking speedboat for Half-moon Reef and Phu Quoc U-Turn are our first and second snorkeling spots respectively. These are the most beautiful Snorkeling & Diving spots in South Phu Quoc, besides that U-Turn, even more, is the most difficult diving site to reach in Phu Quoc due to the sensitive location usually affected by monsoons, very lucky to get here right in time of its best water. After an in-depth exploration of Phu Quoc U-Turn, you will be served a drink while relaxing on a beautiful island in a completely tranquil atmosphere before feasting on sunset BBQ.



  • Distinct and crowd-avoiding itinerary
  • Tour guide guides and leads underwater in snorkeling time
  • Underwater-visibility and wavy checking before the snorkeling tour
  • Proper snorkeling skills in different waters
  • Explore hidden venuesTurtle Head Rock Beach, Half-moon Reef, U-Turn
  • Sipping a cocktail on the island while waiting for the Sunset BBQ on the island
  • Free of charge for children under 12
  • Note: For the purpose of environmental as well as marine protection, small-fishing with traditional reels are not added into all the itineraries except Deep-sea Fishing


Coral species on this tour: Table coral, Brain coral, Pillar coral, Great star coral, Tube Coral, Gorgonian coral, Black coral, Digitate coral, Cabbage coral, Mushroom coral, Branching coral, Leather coral, Foliose coral, Massive coral and Ritteri Anemone …

Da càng sậm màu nghĩa là dưới da càng có nhiều hắc sắc tố (melanin) bảo vệ da khỏi các tác nhân gây hại của ánh nắng mặt trời. Da trắng lên đồng nghĩa với việc melanin không còn, “sức đề kháng” của làn da sẽ yếu đi nhiều so với hồi da còn ngăm ngăm bánh mật. Tức là, dưỡng trắng luôn đi đôi với việc bạn phải tăng cường che chắn bảo vệ làn da của mình kỹ càng hơn (Mỹ phẩm collagen, áo chống nắng, ô dù nón mũ, khẩu trang…) Sự suy giảm về chất lượng và số lượng collagen sẽ dẫn đến hậu quả “lão hoá” của cơ thể mà sự thay đổi trên làn da, trên khuôn mặt là dấu hiệu dễ nhận biết nhất: làn da bị khô, nhăn nheo bắt đầu từ các đường nhăn mảnh trên khoé mắt, khoé miệng, lâu dần thành nếp nhăn sâu, các đường nét khuôn mặt bị chùng nhão và chảy xệ. Chính vì vậy mà Collagen đóng vai trò là một trong những chất quan trọng hàng đầu của ngành thẩm mỹ, đặc biệt là chăm sóc da, phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ, phẫu thuật bỏng…



  • Turtlehead Rock: enjoy crystal water at a natural beach (one of 3 beaches of Pineapple island)
  • Half-moon Reef (3m – 8m): explore soft corals, hard corals, Phu Quoc Golden Anemone Reef, clownfish…
  • Phu Quoc U-Turn (Oct – Nov) or Four-season Reef (1 – 6m): explore coral reefs (It’s subject to the weather)
  • May Rut Trong (Mây Rút Trong) island – lie by sparkling water beach or lay back on a sunbathing chair, underline of coconut trees, enjoy drinks, fruit from a Beach Bar 
  • BBQ Sunset meal: feast a delicious sunset meal on the island right at sunset time



  • Vinpearl area: 12:00 
  • Ong Lang area: 12:15
  • Duong Dong area: 12:30 PM
  • Bai Truong area (SOL by Melia, Novotel, InterContinental): 12:40
  • JW Marriot area:  13:00



☑️ 12:30: Depart from Duong Dong town for the speedboat in An Thoi town        

You’ll be picked up at your hotel then transfer by A/C car to the port for embarkation.


☑️ 13:10: Leave the harbor and board the speedboat for Turtlehead Rock Beach

Enjoy beach activities, get yourself acclimated to the water, snorkel gears, listen to guidelines and safety brief before snorkeling and introduction of the later snorkeling spots in detail.

There is no limitation on your time of swimming, snorkeling, relaxing before reaching the last island – May Rut Trong island.


☑️ 14:10: Start snorkeling at Phu Quoc Half-moon reef

This an ideal coral reef for you to do free-dive or just simple snorkeling to explore Coral-covered cliff, Massive Rocky-coral, Golden Leather coral canyon…the reef possesses a great variety of coral species.


☑️ 15:00: Continue to head for U-Turn or Four-season Reef

Phu Quoc U-Turn, even more, is the most difficult diving site to reach in Phu Quoc due to the sensitive location usually affected by monsoons, very lucky to get here right in time of its best water. In case we could not visit U-Turn for sure (as we check the weather to inform guests before the trip) we will visit Four-Season Reef or Shallow Reef instead.


☑️15:50 – 16:00:  Beach bar time & sunset indulgence at the last island – May Rut Trong island

You can be oblivious to the crowd because from 3:00 PM the crowd of hundreds of people will be leaving the island. You can find some foods to charge again energy from a Beach Bar on the island before lying on a sunbathing chair or lying by the beach, looking at the sparkling water at the front and taking each peaceful breath, on hand a drink (coconut, cocktail or beer). You could bring home some memorable photos of a secluded, pristine island.


☑️ 17:00 – 17:50: Enjoy Seafood Sunset meal at sunset time on the island

Land on May Rut Trong Island for relaxing. Get a drink while relaxing on a beautiful island in a completely tranquil atmosphere before feasting on sunset BBQ.

☑️ 18:00: Leave the island for An Thoi port and return back to the hotel
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What to expect


  • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off by A/C Transfer
  • Private Speedboat Charter
  • English- speaking guide (surcharge on other language speaking guides)
  • Tourguide escorts and  leads in snorkeling
  • Snorkel gears (Mask, Tube, Flipper, Life vest)
  • Urgent Safety – Kingii (Wearable Water Safety)
  • Unlimited mineral water during the tour
  • Cooler on the speedboat
  • Cocktail, fresh fruit and seafood sunset meal on the island


  • Please have lunch before the departure to have enough energy
  • Prepare a long-sleeve shirt for snorkeling to minimize the use of sun-cream
  • Please bring towel and water-proof camera to record underwater footage


A surcharge of 15 USD applied to children aged 10 – 14

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