[Group- Deep-sea fishing] with our best Captain in the water- daytime (max 10 persons)

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Duration: 8 hours - in the morning Transportation: Big wooden- boat - Including Pickup at hotel - A/C Car Trip type: Shared Tour Language: Vietnamese - English Inclusions: Hotel Pick-up; Unlimited baits, Dedicated Deep-sea fishing guide, Top American Penn Fishing Equipment, Mineral Water, Lunch

Phu Quoc “Deep sea fishing charter” is a must-do experience in Phu Quoc. In this 8-hour trip, you have a specialized fishing boat, local equipment or rods, a knowledgeable captain with a deep understanding of the area. Also, we’d be happy to cook the fishes you catch, included in your lunch.



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The best Phu Quoc “Deep sea fishing charter” is kind of must-do experience in Phu Quoc, a dedicated trip for providing customers with fabulous experiences of deep-sea fishing in the waters of the An Thoi archipelago. Even the boat’s capacity is up to 40 adults, your trip will be at max 10 persons with local equipment or rods, a knowledgeable captain with a deep understanding of the area. Besides that, we would be happy to cook the fish you catch, included in your lunch. We offer 2 time-frames daytime and night time and from our experience in fishing in the An Thoi archipelago, in view of a successful trip then the night time fishing trip is more successful than the daytime trip over a number of big fish.
For the first time in Phu Quoc in particular or in Viet Nam in general, you will be able to be obtaining fabulous, professional experiences of Deep sea fishing.


Tour highlights

  • 8 hours of dedicated deep-sea fishing which includes:
  • * Professional Penn Rods and Reels unlike traditional Vietnamese hand-lines which all other tours use
  • * Specially equipped boat for deep sea fishing (the art fish finder GPS, full- covered deck to protect you from direct sunlight, toilet on the boat)
  • * Specially equipped boat for deep sea fishing (the art fish finder GPS, full- covered deck to protect you from direct sunlight, toilet on the boat)
  • * High catch rate
  • * Live bait
  • * Fishing method (Anchored)
  • Catching big fish
  • Enjoying your self-catch in lunch
  • Maximum number of pax fishing: 10 pax

Should you need to arrange a PRIVATE trip instead of a group-joining one, kindly let us know!

Please note that Captain who with a deep understanding of the water plays a very important role in deep-sea fishing but not guide. 


(Big wooden- boat) for your deep-see finishing enjoyment 

From 6:00 AM to 3 PM

  • 6:00 AM: Pickup at the hotel
  • 6:50 – 7:00 AM: Get on board and have a quick safety briefing
  • 7:50 AM – 8:00 AM: Arrive at the first fishing location, drop your lines down
  • 11:00 AM: Have lunch on board
  • Move onto the next fishing ground after lunch
  • 3:00 PM: Return back to the harbor



  • Hotel Pick-up – A/C Car
  • England Deep-sea fishing Expert
  • Professional Fishing gear (Rods, Unlimited bait, Artificial Bait)
  • Dinner
  • Unlimited Mineral water



If you stay outside of Duong Dong town, a surcharge for the transfer fee will be applied:

  • Ong Lang area: 500,000 VND
  • Cua Can area: 700,000 VND
  • Vinpearl area: 900,000 VND

1 pax, 2 pax, 3 pax, 4 pax, 5 pax

Do you comprehend the meaning of the name Phu Quoc or Phú Quốc?
The word “Quoc” has a corresponding English word is “Country” and “Phu” means “Prosperous”, Phu Quoc is a Prosperous country or a Promised land in some aspects, you are probably wondering what is the name’s origin? Walking the aisles of fishermen, you will get at the meaning of the name. Thanking the great nature mother Phu Quoc has been bestowed a vast ecosystem of floras, mountains, rivers, lakes…. as well as a rich fisheries resource on Pearl Island (Phu Quoc).
Coming to Phu Quoc, the fishermen bring with confidence in a better life because Phu Quoc sea is full of fish, when you come to Phu Quoc you will usually run into small boats on the sea owning to Phu Quoc’s fisheries teeming with fish then they need not make too big boats for farther fishing grounds, by this fact we provide tourists with such an amazing Deep sea fishing trip that you absolutely can not ignore.
Fishing Techniques – Phu Quoc Fishing Charter: Bottom Fishing, Deep-sea fishing
Our guide will pick you up around 06:00 from your hotel reception, you will have about 25 minutes journey to the harbor. Once on board, you will have a quick safety briefing, then we will travel to our first location where you drop your lines down. around 11:00 you will be served a freshly cooked meal. then moving onto our next location before returning back to the harbor at 14:30.
8- hour dedicated deep-sea fishing trip:
  • Use traditional Vietnamese hand-lines
  • Specially equipped boat for deep-sea fishing (full- covered deck to protect you from direct sunlight, toilet on the boat)
  • High catch rate
  • Live bait
  • Fishing method (Anchored)

Tips & notices

Tips & Notices
✔️ Charge yourself full energy with foods 30 minutes ahead of the departure time
✔️ Charge your phone fully because we don’t have an electric generator on islands
✔️ Prepare you some snacks in case of losing energy after snorkeling spots
✔️ Bring your personal care amenities: towels, sunscreen,…
✔️ You should bring a long sleeve shirt for snorkeling instead of being bare back with sun cream because of the harmful effects of sun cream on coral reef
✔️ GoPro (water-proof & wide-angle camera) to record your memorable moments
✔️ VND Cash to pay for something you might spend on at the Island Bar

Frequent asked questions

Frequently asked questions
1. Why do our tours usually depart different time to other tour operators'?
The development of the smokeless industry is enjoying a strong rise in a number of tourists, this has given rise to noisy space in Phu Quoc in general and the An Thoi archipelago in particular. This is one of the challenging riddles needed solving for us to bring customers to see natural beauty, a quiet atmosphere, the original sense of Phu Quoc Island. And as a result, we eventually found out a proper solution, schedule for customers that want to stay away from the crowd. So much noise in life that we cannot absorb. Starting the tour earlier, we make sure that you will be experiencing the noise, discomfort from external elements. You probably don’t want to meet carrying hundreds of people boats as well as land on a crowded island that certainly ruins your experience?
2. Notice of environmental protection
“Traditional Vietnamese Handline Fishing” is “eliminated” from activities for purpose of conserving marine ecosystem Every day hundreds of boat leaving the harbor for “snorkeling tour” in Phu Quoc, most of them provide customers with fishing activity and mostly they fish tiny and small size fish with rudimentary tools (handline). For Onbird, we keep a “terrible” vision of this irresponsibility in the protection of the environment.For snorkeling tour on purpose if you fish then you will probably fish up small size fish, we don’t expect big fish from this tour and there is no point in fishing if you will eventually let them back the sea in either living or dead status, on the other hand, it is crime against the nature mother.
“Dedicated Professional Deep sea fishing Trip” is dedicated to providing customers with an awesome experience fishing big fish in the waters around the An Thoi archipelago. This is a dedicated fishing trip with dedicated fishing boat, electronic Sonar, GPS, Top American Penn Equipment, and specialized UK guide.
There is an upsurge in the number of visitors to Phu Quoc island during the last few years. Hundreds of big wooden boats have been being made in order to meet orders of purchasing from “cheap” tour companies. These carrying many people boats have been being a direct cause of dying coral reefs in Phu Quoc. They are irresponsible in anchoring, guiding customers in shallow areas of coral reef. Local government is implementing a number of solutions in order to limit the number of wooden boats, restricting them from anchoring in areas of coral reefs.
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