Turtle Island- (Doi Moi) – Phu Quoc Island Guide

OVERVIEW- Phu Quoc Turtle Island (Doi Moi)

* Location: in the Northwest of Phu Quoc Island (10°19’20.7’’ North latitude, 103°50’26.7’’ East longitude;  almost 1km away from the beach in the front of Phu Quoc casino – Corona
* Characteristics:
– Turtle island is the smallest island among 21 islands in Phu Quoc
– Isolated, appropriate for anyone wants to play the role of Robinson Crusoe.
– The name’s origin of Turtle Island (Đồi Mồi) derived from its appearances in the past but at present very rare to see their appearances again.
– Possessing thousands sq meter of coral reefs makes it an ideal spot for both snorkeling and diving.
As the location of the island in the Northwest of Phu Quoc then it is possible to reach the island in the only dry season as it will be getting wavy during the rainy season due to the heavy influence of the Southwest monsoon.
Lucky for Turtle Island, coral reefs here are one of few islands of possessing beautiful coral reefs with negligible impacts of tourists. (Check out Phu Quoc weather in detail here)
Turtle (doi Moi) Island Phu Quoc 1
* Geography of Phu Quoc Turtle Island (Doi Moi) 
Turtle (doi Moi) Island Phu Quoc 2
In order to reach the island you need to take a boat from Bach Dang harbor in Duong Town, it will take about more than 1hr from Duong Dong to Turtle (Doi Moi) Island.
In the North of Phu Quoc, you might find out some local people who don’t mind taking you to the island by small boat but please bear in mind that you will put yourself into danger in that case.
Aerial view from the West side of Turtle Island and you are seeing Phu Quoc casino and Vinpearl Phu Quoc. Nowadays in order to protect the natural things on the island as well as keep it clean, there are security guards on the island in order to keep tourists from staying on the island for party…then in snorkeling time you can visit the beach only and prohibited to walk deeper on the island.
* Turtle Island (Doi Moi) – Coral reefs – Things to do in Phu Quoc Island:
Coral reefs about Turtle (Doi Moi) island are still in healthy status with around thousands sq meter of coral reefs then Turtle (Doi Moi) island is absolutely a place not to be missed for those who are keen on snorkeling.
Turtle (doi Moi) Island Phu Quoc 5
This is the home of hard coral, you can find out the existence of Table, Branching coral. Regret to tell you that we don’t have a documentary of coral in Turtle (Doi Moi) Island now. We will update those photos soon.
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