Dam Ngang (Gam Ghi) Island – Phu Quoc Island Guide – Phu Quoc Map

Dam Ngang Island Phu Quoc 11

Dam Ngang Island – Phu Quoc Map – Phu Quoc Island Guide:

With coordinates, about 9°54’40.64’’ North latitude, 104°00’49.34’’ East longitude, Dam Ngang or Gam Ghi (a wrongly named by some tourists)  is one of 16 islands within 18 km of the An Thoi archipelago, located almost 14 km away from the An Thoi sea port as the crow flies and viewed as one of the coral heavens in Phu Quoc with a vast variety of coral reefs, specifically as you can see the existence of many types of hard coral such as Brain, Table, Tube, Cabbage, Mushroom, Branching, Massive coral…With a special terrain is a watery shallow area with average depth is only less than 2 meters then easily recognize that Dam Ngang (Gam Ghi) island is one of the coral spots that the growth of coral reefs is the strongest and longest as well but sadly 80% of coral is dead. (Check out OnBird’s advanced weather information in Phu Quoc)

Dam Ngang Island - Phu Quoc Map
Dam Ngang Island – Phu Quoc Map


Dam Ngang Island – Coral reefs – Extreme truth:     

But also by the convenience of visiting then most of the coral reefs in Dam Ngang (Gam Ghi) island are in a very worse as well as terrible state, according to our experience then almost 80% of coral reefs in Dam Ngang have been dying. The reality occurred owing to the visit of big wooden boats, they have been being the main vandals for coral reefs when they anchor on coral reefs as well as let too many bad swimmers swim into watery shallow spots of coral reefs, hundred people caring big wooden boats don’t provide customers any caution on protecting coral reefs. Sadly witness a large area of table coral reefs has been dying here.

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You could also reach the beaches and set your foot on the sand and of course, you will reach the beaches by swimming if you don’t want to break coral by anchoring your small boats.

Phu Quoc Best Private snorkeling tour avoids crowd
Phu Quoc Best Private snorkeling tour avoids the crowd

Some photos of dead coral areas in Dam Ngang Island (newly captured in January 2023) which is a frequent-visited site by island hopping tours & non-professional snorkeling tours

OnBird underwater guides removed fishing nets abandoned by fishermen and stuck on the corals in Dam Ngang Island, get them killed. Our statistic on removal of fishing nets/ghost nets stuck on corals in Phu Quoc Island by sites.

Dam Ngang (Gam Ghi) Island – Tips for experience:

The average depth when you swim over this area is about less than 0.5 m, particularly some spots are just only 0.1 – 0.2 m then in exploring this Coral Mountain please:

  • Swimming at slow speed to stay away from corals at a safe distance
  • Paying attention to the front (you may get stuck or find out no way to escape)
  • Swimming around the Coral Mountain instead of swimming over
  • Should not use fin because you probably break coral by accident
  • Don’t stand on any rock-like objects because they are probably Massive coral


Join us in restorating coral reefs in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam