[SMALL-GROUP] SOFT-ADVENTURE SNORKELING to explore hidden Coral Spots in South Phu Quoc (max 8-9 pax)

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Duration: 5-6 Hours - Departure time subjects to the daily water conditions Transportation: Speedboat - A/C car Trip type: Soft-Adventure & Scientific Snorkeling Language: Vietnamese - English Inclusions: Hotel Pickup/Drop-off; High-quality, professional and clean snorkel equipment; Cold water; Fruits and Juice served at Beach Bar on Island


(applied to groups of adults - from 15 yrs old or Children from 160cm tall)



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Getway from regular snorkeling spots which are listed on regular tours, OnBird gets out of the box by discovering really featuring coral spots which are not accessible to massive tours or requires the good understanding about water conditions and underwater terrain by the operator.


TOUR OPERATION TIME: The whole year regardless of the rainy season


  • Professional & Scientific Snorkeling (Licensed Operator) with high safety and risk management
  • Water conditions forecasting (wave level, wave direction, water current, underwater visibility, locations) & Lighting effects are taken into account to maximize the snorkeling experience
  • Tour time in a year: Whole year regardless of rainy season
  • Specialized Snorkeling & Skin-Diving Organization
  • Coral Safety: Specialized organization to not damage coral with anchors or tourist impact
  • Smallest group on the island & Touristy-avoiding Tour with 8 – 9 adults in maximum
  • Cater to all skill levels
  • English-speaking underwater instructors throughout your entire in-water time who are highly trained and know the coral reef like the back of their hand
  • High-quality and clean snorkel equipment (anti-fog mask, semi-dry snorkel, open-heeled fins, floatation support device) (Read more)
  • Explore Core Zonations and Hidden Coral Spots where the corals are healthy and featuring than regular spots discovered by OnBird.
    • The only company on the island that organizes specialized snorkeling trips to discover hidden coral spots, zonations of Phu Quoc which are discovered by our team
    • OnBird is the only operator on the island providing you with reliable and detailed information about corals in Phu Quoc
  • Perfect timing to gain quality snorkeling & relaxing time (departure time is subject to the water conditions, quick transfer saves time and reduces seasickness, no wasting time of whole day, full-day tours advertised with 8-9 hours due to slow transfer times by boat, car & shopping sites visits account for at least 50 – 60% 
  • No shopping sites visiting or raising the hidden fee
  • For environmental as well as marine protection, small-fishing with traditional reels and fish-feeding are not allowed in this snorkeling excursion (Why you should not feed the fish?)


We have flexible daily departures time (5 – 6 hour duration) which are subject to sea conditions that we check daily for your better experience.

Each low-impact reef snorkel tour is designed with following stops:

  • Turtlehead Rock Beach or Pier Beach: Soak up and relax in the emerald water at a natural beach for safety guides and necessary attentions
  • Half-moon Reef (2m – 8m) or Phu Quoc North-East Coral Reef (1-9m) and other hidden spots (subject to the water conditions): Explore soft corals, hard corals, anemone with a wide depth range where for experienced guests try skin diving
  • Crystal Reef (0.5 – 3m): Explore the Phu Quoc’s largest Cactus Coral Colony (Coral Mountain) and Coral Hill
  • Relaxing island (without noisy atmosphere): Relax at beach chair, under coconut trees at a Beach Bar with fruit juice and fruit served 


(Please note: In the summer time from May to October, the snorkeling & diving spots are subject to the water conditions as we always track to advise guests the sites in advance, 


PICK-UP TIME (Confirm on booking, depending on the water conditions forecasted by OnBird)

This is a shared transfer and early or late pick-up is possible, exact time to be confirmed on the date of travel depending on the group size each day.



☑️ Depart from Duong Dong town for the speedboat at An Thoi Port 

You’ll be picked up at your hotel then transfer by A/C car to the port for embarkation.


☑️ Leave the harbor and board the speedboat for Turtlehead Rock Beach

A relaxing spot to get yourself acclimated to the water, snorkel gears, listen to guidelines and safety brief before snorkeling and introduction of the later snorkeling spots in detail. You’ll be here around 30-45 minutes before heading to the next two snorkeling spots. 


☑️ Phu Quoc Half-moon reef or North-east Coral Reef

OnBird builds our data on the corals, water conditions in Phu Quoc from that we can make high accurate forecasting beforehand, from that we can adjust the itinerary and schedule for guests to have chance to visit the best spots in South Phu Quoc.

  • Phu Quoc Half-moon Reef is an ideal coral reef for those who are keen on free-dive or just simple snorkeling to explore clownfish garden, the biggest coral in Phu Quoc, coral walls, coral canyons.
  • North-east Coral Reef is one of the most biodiversity coral reef in South Phu Quoc with more than 22 different coral species observed by OnBird Phu Quoc.
  • Other hidden gems discovered by OnBird


☑️ Continue to head for Coral Mountain – Coral Hill 

The Coral Mountain is the Phu Quoc’s largest cactus coral colony with an area of 200 – 300 square meters.

The Coral Hill is the Phu Quoc’s second largest flowerpot coral colony 


☑️ Beach time & relaxing with snack and fruit juice on a peaceful island

Re-charge energy taken for snorkeling on a peaceful island with fruit and fruit juice served. Strolling along the beach or leisurely sitting in a beach chair facing the blue sea, you relax with a drink (fruit juice or beer)


☑️ Leave the island and back to the harbor for the sea view and your hotel

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What to expect


  • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off by A/C Transfer
  • Spacious speedboat with only 8 – 9 adults in maximum
  • English- speaking Underwater-guide
  • Underwater instructor leading in the water throughout snorkeling time
  • Safety session for all participants before snorkeling
  • Snorkel gears (Anti-foggy Diving Mask, Tube, Flipper) – all of high quality and sanitized between guests, including prescription masks
  • Floatation devices & life jackets
  • Mineral water during the tour and Ice-box on the speedboat
  • Fresh fruits & juice with a beach chair on the last island 



1. Surcharge for pick up outside Duong Dong Town, Bai Truong, An Thoi areas as follows:

  • 250,000 VND /Group: Ong Lang area (Mango Bay, The Shells resort,…)
  • 300,000 VND/ group: Ham Ninh areas (Jade Mountain resort, Naomi, The Pier,…)
  • 350,000 VND /Group: Cua Can area (Movenpick, Green Bay,..)
  • 450,000 VND /Group: Vung Bau/ Vinpearl area/ Bai Dai)
  • 500,000 VND /Group: Ganh Dau area (Sea Breeze..)


2. Children’s policies

  • Children from 4 to under 10 years old (able to swim): Free of charge for 01 child/ parent, from the second child, charge half of the adult’s price
  • Children from 10 to 14 years old and under 155cm tall: charge half of the adult’s price 
  • Children 15 years old + or children 155cm tall are charged an adult’s price

3. Holiday surcharge: 150.000 vnd/ person will be applied on National Public Holidays (30/4; 1/5; 1/9; 2/9), Christmas (24 – 25/12) and New Year’s Eve (30/12 & 1/1), Lunar New Year 


  • Please have a full lunch/ breakfast & get seasickness pills on your own at least 30 minutes before the departure time to have enough energy
  • Bring with you some snacks as the activity outdoor might make you hungry
  • Prepare a long-sleeved shirt/ swimsuit for snorkeling to protect your skin and minimize the use of sun-cream. READ WHY.
  • You could bring your towels to keep you warm on the way back, dry clothes to change and a water-proof camera to record underwater footage
  • Participants who appear intoxicated (read reason) before the tour may be refused service. In this case, no refunds will be given.
  • In case of unanticipated bad weather elements we would apologize and cancel the tour with information via email from the previous evening or night).


  • Due to the nature of this activity, it is not recommended for persons with impaired physical mobility or those in wheelchairs
  • It’s not recommended for those with medical conditions (high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.), pregnant women, or seniors,…Please contact us to discuss more about your conditions, we’re sure to help you out.



Read more Reservation Terms and Conditions in details



  • Aside from arrangements of discovering the featuring coral spots: By restricting our daily passenger numbers of each group tour to just 09 adults, we can provide a whole lot more of everything, especially for coral protection in the water. From personal attention to privacy, time in the water and outstanding customer service, we have increased cruising freedom and capabilities.
  • OnBird tour is exclusive of hidden fees of shopping sites: sea walking (pseudo diving), pearl farm…tour companies get paid a big commission of 20-30% for each rising fee at shopping sites. At OnBird we decline to do this. 
  • Our tiny snorkel groups are far superior for observation and ensure a much more personal experience. When you choose OnBird Phu Quoc for your snorkel reef trip, our snorkel guides will be in the water with you the whole time. They are also reef enthusiasts who will reveal and explain the wonders of the reef to you, making sure you don’t miss a thing.
  • OnBird Phu Quoc offers the highest staff-to-passenger ratio. Giving you the amazing chance to ask questions about what you are observing, pointing out the more unusual creatures that are generally missed by the untrained eye.
  • OnBird has built our own water conditions forecasting model (wave level, wave direction, water current, underwater visibility), and data on coral reefs in Phu Quoc thereby we are capable of exploring the core areas of coral reefs in Phu Quoc (Read more about coral reefs in Phu Quoc). We’re proud to be the industry pioneer to introduce a new term “Scientific Snorkeling” to snorkelling & free diving enthusiasts with a real snorkelling & free-diving experience. We take external factors (including water conditions, and lighting affect) into account to find out the best timeframe in terms of water conditions, and lighting effects for the snorkeling experience as well as to open our chance to visit the best spots in South Phu Quoc Island.


  • We don’t arrange on-island-cooking food to reduce wastewater drained into coral reefs around
  • The tour departure time (early morning or afternoon) is subject to the water conditions to maximize the guests’ experience (the sea becomes wavy or calm significantly within a day) lunchtime is not suitable with the itinerary. 
  • We can’t ensure the food quality as well as the kitchen hygiene on the islands, although they provide food for many guests every day. That thing can also help to preserve the water quality for marine life and corals by reducing waste water from cooking activities which discharge grease and soap into the sea



  • For people looking for a genuine & professional snorkeling tour: advanced divers, snorkelers and even non-swimmers
  • For people looking to see authentic coral spots
  • For people looking for a premium snorkelling experience (well-trained underwater guide, high-quality equipment, guided snorkelling in the water)
  • For people looking for environmental-protection snorkeling & diving operator



  • If you are an advanced snorkeler & diver, please refer to our Advanced Snorkeling & Free-diving Trip
  • Not suitable for non-swimming kids under 10-year-old children/ Good swimming kids could join us
  • For environmental as well as marine protection, small-fishing with traditional reels and fish-feeding are not allowed in this snorkeling excursion (Why you should not feed the fish?)


Read more review of this small-group snorkeling trip on TripAdvisor

Embark on a professionally-led small group snorkeling experience by speedboat with 8 – 9 adults at maximum (restricted to under 10-year-old kids), and explore hidden coral spots in South Phu Quoc Island with high-quality equipment provided, you can entirely enjoy Phu Quoc marine life in tranquillity atmosphere.

On this snorkeling experience, OnBird operates a very small-scaled scientific snorkeling experience with 8 – 9 adults (PAX) in maximum to maximize the experience of guests. As such, each traveller still gains enough privacy during the snorkeling trip with us meanwhile we’re able to minimize the impacts on coral reefs.

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