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Rather than offering standardized tours, OnBird Phu Quoc focuses on sustainable, low-impact reef, marine life and scientific snorkeling & diving experiences in Phu Quoc Island. Our expertise lies in curating professional soft-adventure expeditions in small-group settings, featuring carefully planned itineraries to ensure an immersive experience for our guests to marvel at Phu Quoc’s captivating marine life. We pay close attention to external variables such as water conditions, lighting nuances, and tide levels to customize our #onbirdXperiences, which are dynamically adjusted on a daily basis.

As a leading soft-adventure tour operator in Phu Quocwe are committed to protecting our delicate ecosystem. Our dedication is evident through our advocacy for nature conservation, which focuses on coral observation, data management, and rescue efforts on Phu Quoc Island.


5.600.0007.200.000/ group
548 Booked
5-6 Hours: Scientific Snorkeling - Explore Featuring Coral Spots (Time: Whole Year)
1.150.0004.600.000/ Group
315 Booked
5-6 Hours: Multi-Levels Snorkeling - Explore Hidden Featuring Coral Spots (Availability: Year-round, unaffected by the rainy season)
/ Group
520 Booked
Customized Scuba Diving in South Phu Quoc Island
5.400.0007.000.000/ group
15 Booked
3-4 Hours: Scientific Snorkeling - Explore Featuring Coral Spots (Time: Whole Year)
5.600.0006.300.000/ Group
57 Booked
The dedicated snorkeling trip designed for family with kids in Phu Quoc Island
1.350.0005.400.000/ group
112 Booked
5-6 Hours: Multi-Levels Snorkeling: Explore the healthiest coral reef in Phu Quoc (Time: Oct - May)





Onbird Phu Quoc
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Wonderful snorkeling tour!!Me and my family did the soft-adventure snorkeling tour considering that three of us are not advanced divers.All of us had a wonderful trip!!! We have enjoyed so so much and we have been really impressed with the spots and the guiders! They are the best!!Even my mother that have never done a snorkeling trip has enjoyed a lot (she even saw a turtle!!!!). Guiders were in charge of her every moment.Me and my girlfriend have been really impressed with the state of the corals cause we were expecting to see most died but they are still alive (hope it continues in that way)My father and my sister has been impressed too cause it is their first time in Asian oceans so you can imagine...Everything was really good, I would repeat with no doubt and I will recommend to all my friends when coming here.Yes... We also saw some of them suffering the warm temperature of the water but as I said I was really impressed.Because we don't have too much time but my girlfriend has been interested to make a diving here to try to see some big marine animals... Cause it is true that there is not too much marine life (refering to animals). Maybe this is the only thing we have missed heheh, but corals were impressed, they are taking fluorescent colours which means that they are protecting of sun and temperature and this is a sight that means that corals have an opportunity to not getting bleached and continuos growing... Crossing fingers for next years (even decades).When I saw that these guys are taking care (in real) with the sea and corals I have not any doubt.
05:49 25 May 24
If you are going to snorkel in Phu Quoc, you must come here.It was a great experience with nothing to criticize, from prior skill research, equipment, pick-up service, to friendliness and cheerfulness.
02:35 25 May 24
12:30 PM, May 24, 2024 First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Onbird Crew for helping me get my first snorkeling ever. These were the perfect professionals, kind, caring crew. Everything was perfect in time for hotel pick-up, sanding and snorkeling schedules, and descriptions of coral reefs. Thank you John & Charlie for your sincere appreciation. We put the best effort into the safety of all the members who participated in this schedule, and the crew worked hard to make us have fun. The crazy mangoes and drinks were the best. If we visit Phu Quoc again, we will meet again. I would like to thank the Onbird Crew members for their fun and informative experience.
Catherine MaedaCatherine Maeda
03:11 24 May 24
We have a good and nice experience with onbird tour and we very happy to have a good tour guide
Hosung LeeHosung Lee
04:33 22 May 24
Though it was a rainy day I had a nice diving trip cause it's not hot and not high waves. It's special experience. The underwater visibility was not that good but there's another funny to have sightseeing coral and seashore cliff. And all crew is very kind so that I felt comfortable and could make my diving perfect. Really thanks for you guys.
Bartosz GrzelakBartosz Grzelak
17:08 25 Apr 24
The scuba diving experience was amazing. The equipment was solid, the staff were very informative and showed me amazing colorful corals I thought you can only see online. I can confirm the pictures are accurate. The lunch provided was great and they did the tour even though there were only 4 people. I know a bunch of other operators that would cancel in such a situation. Very satisfied and would highly recommend.
Lee Ah YoungLee Ah Young
09:49 13 Apr 24
Everything is perfect!Coral is so amazing.
16:21 12 Apr 24
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a snorkeling service that truly exceeded my expectations. From the moment I arrived, the staff displayed exceptional professionalism and courtesy. Their attention to detail in the preparation phase was remarkable, ensuring that all the necessary equipment was in excellent condition and ready for use.The snorkeling management was flawless. The staff provided clear and concise instructions on safety procedures, as well as guidance on how to make the most of the snorkeling experience. They were highly knowledgeable about the marine and the best spots to explore, creating an informative and enjoyable atmosphere.
Jihyun Sophia ChoiJihyun Sophia Choi
15:05 12 Apr 24
Sunny and Mintee were the diving guides for our trip and we couldn't be happier with them. They were funny, very thorough about safety and taught us a lot. They made the day trip amazing, which was already filled with beautiful views, snorkeling and beaches. Thank you Sunny and Mintee!!
Charmaine LowCharmaine Low
13:39 12 Apr 24
very very good experience with them! they offered pick up and drop off at our hotel (because our hotel happened to be at the area where they offered such a service)! Our guides were mr john and mr james. they both spoke excellent english! mr james speaks chinese and korean too!they offer underwater photography for 150,000 vnd extra which was (so no need to but waterproof phone pouch. they will advise you not to bring it down too, in case you get distracted and step on corals.)
Alicia KoAlicia Ko
02:28 07 Apr 24
Great tour, safe and professional guide and beautiful scenery , the whole tour are well organized. They will pick up from the hotel, stop and explore 3 spots, the final one is the best, then we rest in the love island where they provide one drink and a plate of mango.Equipments are good and the guide is also professional, recommend!
Jackie ChienJackie Chien
06:02 05 Apr 24
This was our first family snorkeling trip. We went with 11, 8 and 6 years old kids. We choose Onbird because we wanted to avoid big mass tour and Onbird focused on conservation and safety. We were not disappointed and highly recommend Onbird for a professional snorkeling experience.The tour had a total of 6 adults and 3 kids including our family. I liked how Onbird used speed boat for transportation. They took us to a shallow spot first to get everyone used to the equipment. Then we went to two other spots for snorkeling. Onbird studies visibility and takes you to the best spot on that day. The undersea world is so beautiful!There were two guides that went with the group. 1 guide for 4 adults and 1 guide for our family of 5. My 6 years old is not a strong swimmer and the guide helped pulled him away from the coral in shallow areas. It really showed that Onbird cares about the environment and the corals. During the trip, the youngest got tired half way and the guide helped bring him back to the boat so I can continue to snorkel.We choose to have underwater photography and I highly recommend this service so you can remember the snorkeling trip.At the end of the trip, Onbird took us to an island for drinks and fruits. The kids loved playing in the sand. I just wish we can stay in the water forever 😊
Sarah CatesSarah Cates
11:35 01 Apr 24
This tour was the best I have done, anywhere. Very professional from the first contact. Very adaptable for our kids aged 6-9. Sonny- our guide arrived on time and spoke amazing English. He explained the plan, asked if we have any questions, answered all the kids questions.We had a little practice session in shallow water to familiarise ourselves with the equipment but also so Sunny could see our abilities.The snorkeling was fantastic. So many fish, coral looked great. There were no other people or boats.We went to a few different sites then to a beach to have some fresh juice and fruit.It was a top day and the service was better than expected.You won’t regret any part of the trip.
susan vususan vu
10:26 27 Mar 24
We had such an amazing snorkelling experience with Onbird Phu Quoc. The team is professional and caring. We booked a private tour for 3 adults and 2 children. They were able to fit us in for a last-minute tour. The whole process was very easy. Jacky was our guide, and he is very professional, caring, quite humorous, and takes great pics. My mum is 62 years old and afraid of the open water. This was her first time snorkelling, and our guide, Jacky, made her feel very safe, guiding and assisting her at each snorkel point. I've been snorkelling through a few tour companies in South East Asia, and often, the tour stops at busy tourist spots where it's hard to enjoy the experience. Onbird isn't one of those companies that take you to the busy tourist spots. The whole experience was very enjoyable and the equipment is of a high standard. Highly recommend.
Oraia MichalopoulouOraia Michalopoulou
15:13 17 Mar 24
A must-do experience!Absolutely incredible snorkeling adventure! The team of instructors were not just amazing—they were passionate about sharing their love for marine life and protecting the corals. Their kindness and expertise made every moment unforgettable!
09:18 05 Mar 24
Before the snorkeling tour, I didn't expect much, and I was just curious because there was no information about the northern ocean. But after diving into the water myself, I had an experience worth enduring the rough waves. The coral was so clean and beautiful, and the fish were cute.
Julien DucouxJulien Ducoux
14:43 27 Feb 24
Superb boat trip. One of the most beautiful snorkels we have done. Top notch staff.
Yuk Wah KwongYuk Wah Kwong
14:01 27 Feb 24
This is my third time to Phu Quoc Island, and every time I participate in onbird’s snorkeling or diving experience.This time, my parents and I participated in the "Private Snorkeling" experience. Since my parents are elderly, the onbird team has been attentive to help us complete the snorkeling experience smoothly.Whether it is speedboats, coaches, snorkeling equipment and staff, they are all well-trained and courteous.Coach Kei (Sunny) is very attentive and always reminds parents of anything they need to pay attention to, always putting safety first.Although my parents are old, because of the onbird team and Kei's careful guidance, they can enjoy snorkeling safely and enjoy the most beautiful corals in Phu Quoc Island.I sincerely recommend onbird to all travelers who come to Phu Quoc Island to participate in water sports, especially families with children and elderly people. I definitely recommend the "private snorkeling" activity, and you can trust onbird for everything.Here again, I would like to thank Kei (Sunny) for his careful care and guidance to my parents🙏🙏
Jungjin LeeJungjin Lee
12:56 27 Feb 24
I went snorkeling at Onbird after being introduced by a friend.The beginner family all had fun looking at the coral and fish.
09:47 27 Feb 24
I was worried because there were only foreigners and they didn't speak Korean, but the guide spoke Korean quite well so we were able to communicate well.While communicating through KakaoTalk, they responded quickly and accurately, so everything including reservations, pick-ups, etc. was smooth.We conducted the tour with safety as the most important thing, so the tour was completed without any problems, and since the time was not too long, we finished it compactly and neatly in the morning. This is a tour that both experienced and inexperienced people can enjoy satisfactorily!! Highly recommended!!
Yoko LeeYoko Lee
05:42 26 Feb 24
first time Scuba diving, don't know how to swim, not scared at all 🤭 It was great 😊 my coach was very helpful & lovely. And He help me took some nice pictures. Would definitely join again next time! 🫶🏻
Mia Ha TruongMia Ha Truong
04:07 01 Feb 24
Onbird is the best company that we’ve gone snorkeling with.We went to their office to find a tour and got great assistance from Ms.Mai. She gave us some great deals for the day which was a huge plus!Our guides were John and Sunny and they were great fun people.The first stop on the snorkeling trip was to a shallow spot to get used to the equipments and snorkeling rules which are very important and useful. A few people on our tour were first timers so John and Sunny assured that everyone were watched over and care for.We went on 3 more spots to snorkel then chill at a beach.Overall, Onbird and their staffs are highly recommended for everyone who wants a great time snorkeling.
Kelvin KongKelvin Kong
15:02 22 Dec 23
I am really impressed with the professionalism and customer oriented service of Onbird Phu Quoc.I engaged their private transport service for 2 full day for 6 person and the rep for Onbird, Jenny is responsive and knowledgeable and provide very good recommendation for restaurant, sight seeing itinerary as well as massage.Jenny is highly conversant in English and the company Onbird is a trusted and responsible company.The company also provide private full day tour and I strongly recommend their service for Phu Quoc transportation and tour. Price is also reasonable.
13:08 08 Dec 23
Great experience. The instructors(Poh and Mintee)were very professional and friendly. We made 3 stops, first at a shallow area to practice with equipment, then two stops with corals and fish. Lastly, we stopped by a vacation island to rest and have some drinks. Definitely worth trying, they made our first snorkeling experience worth it
Brett StewartBrett Stewart
12:37 21 Sep 23
This tour was fantastic from beginning to end, excellent communication and very easy to book. On the day Alex and the team picked us up and absolutely looked after us for the whole trip. Alex was extremely knowledgeable with great English as he explained how the day was going to pan out. The snorkelling was amazing especially the North East reef!. Don't hesitate to book with this company you will have a great day out and be well looked after, the stop at the island at the end for some fruit and refreshments was exactly what we needed after a great day snorkelling. We couldn't be happier with the trip and we all had a great time.