Phu Quoc Coral Mountain
Phu Quoc Flower-Shaped Table Coral Colony
hu Quoc Coral Covered Canyon
Onbird Phu Quoc
Onbird Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc Dragon Beach
OnBird: Privacy – Distinct Route – Original Venues – Touristy Avoiding Route – Unique Experience
Itineraries as well as Experiences provided by OnBird are absolutely not able to be copied by other operators due to the hard effort we have spent on digging, searching for unique things on the island What makes OnBird Distinct and Unique
OnBird is created for the purpose of bringing travelers unique experience on your journey across Phu Quoc with the sincerity. With a defining criteria of “Quality – Detail – Distinction”, we invest time into discovering untouched highlight spots and aim to create influential developments as well as offer high-quality products and services in travel and entertainment. This not only to upgrade the tourism industry and put Vietnam on the world map, but also to improve the quality of life for Vietnamese people. Besides, making our nation richer and more beautiful.

Reviews onbird tripadvisor

Honestly, this was the best part of coming to Pho Quoc!

I am visiting from California, and this was the most work it adventure off the island possible, completely worth the money, and the service was awesome.
Than the owner, is a young guy who really cares about the island and has a lot of knowledge to share. I think the fact that this is a young owner and new business has a lot to do with the quality and the hands on approach. Avoid the big chains and go with On bird, this was 100% the best day of my trip!

mykkiblanco / Tripadvisor

Wenn man auf Phu Quoc ist, sollte man die Hauptinsel auch einmal verlassen und die kleinen, vorgelagerten Inseln im Süden ansteuern.

Ich habe diesen Ausflug im November 2018 gemacht und kann es weiterempfehlen. Die Insellandschaft ist wunderschön, einige der Inseln sind unbewohnt und einsam. Beim Schnorcheln gibt es Korallen und Fische zu sehen, Ausrüstung gibt es an Bord des Bootes.

Der Tour Guide macht einen tollen Job, ist sympathisch und geht auf Wünsche ein, z.B. wenn man den Sonnenuntergang am einsamen Strand noch mit einem gekühlten Getränk genießen möchte.

Sebastian S / Tripadvisor

Things to do in Phu Quoc

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Phu Quoc Touristy-avoiding Trip - Book in advance without any fees
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Phu Quoc Touristy-avoiding Trip - Book in advance without any fees
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