10 Bungalow Options in Phu Quoc – Embracing Nature’s Journey

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“Lying amidst the gentle embrace of the pristine white sands and serenaded by the boundless azure sea of Phu Quoc, residing in a humble, small abode with a spacious veranda. In summer, this quaint dwelling remains cool, refreshing, while in winter, it bestows warmth and tranquility. It’s as if a promise unveiled upon opening its doors, allowing one to behold the endless beauty of Phu Quoc Island—a pledge that not every abode can fulfil.”

Despite their compact size and simplistic design, Bungalows stand as tranquil and fully-equipped sanctuaries. Their interiors are bathed in natural light and sea breeze streaming through open windows. With reasonable pricing, Bungalows offer an ideal alternative to the opulence of hotels or luxury resorts. Join OnBird in exploring the top 10 Bungalows worth staying at in Phu Quoc, uncovering their unique features and distinctive qualities.

For the convenience of travellers in selecting accommodations based on their preferences, OnBird has organized these lodging options according to distinctive regions in Phu Quoc, including Downtown Duong Dong, Ong Lang Area, and the Northern part of the Island.



1. Sea Star Resort

Located in the heart of Phu Quoc Island, Sea Star Resort is a charming 2-star resort that embraces the essence of traditional Bungalow design. With a philosophy focused on environmental preservation and honouring local culture, every detail at Sea Star Resort is crafted to highlight the island’s inherent natural beauty, offering guests a tranquil and engaging retreat. Committed to surpassing guest expectations and delivering the utmost comfort, Sea Star encapsulates the essence of Phu Quoc, known for its lush rainforest and pristine white-sand beaches lined with coconut trees.

The Standard Design Requirements For A Bungalow At Sea Star Resort
The standard design requirements for a Bungalow at Sea Star Resort

This serene island is renowned for its preserved natural environment and protected marine reserve, offering unforgettable experiences and an array of enjoyable activities for you and your family to indulge in during your stay. Sea Star Resort could be the perfect destination for this journey, blending comfort and authenticity amidst the beauty of Phu Quoc.


2. West Life Bungalow Phu Quoc

On the lush shores of the azure sea, West Life Bungalow Phu Quoc offers a 3-star experience that goes beyond expectations on this island paradise. Its serene atmosphere complete with a pool and verdant garden, ensures guests find comfort in their surroundings. Conveniently located in the heart of Duong Dong, it provides easy access to explore the area, making travel more convenient. 


Each Bungalow at West Life is accompanied by a charming small garden 

Each room here serves not only as a place of rest but also as a luminous space, equipped with a functional workspace, ensuring you never miss out on work, no matter where you are. The hotel is furnished with TVs in all rooms, and some even boast private balconies where you can relish stunning sunsets. Breakfast at West Life Bungalow Phu Quoc isn’t just enticing with its diverse Asian-European flavours but also highly regarded for its reasonable pricing and richness.

Notably, receiving a stellar 10/10 rating from couples who’ve visited, West Life Bungalow rightfully earns its title as a ‘wonderful romantic getaway.’ This signifies the exceptional quality of space and service it provides to its guests.


3. Tom Hill Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

Tom Hill Boutique Resort & Spa isn’t just a visually stunning accommodation; it symbolizes environmental reverence and harmony with nature. It’s crafted with finesse and luxury evident in every detail of its bungalow designs, yet it never forsakes the warmth and friendliness that bungalows have long been known for. The design of these bungalows not only meets the needs of travellers but also places a significant emphasis on eco-green values—a dedication to a sustainable environment.

The Beautifully Verdant Space With Modern Architecture Atop The Hill At Tom Hill Resort Spa
The beautifully verdant space with modern architecture atop the hill at Tom Hill Resort & Spa

At Tom Hill Boutique Resort & Spa, it’s not just about impressively designed rooms but also exceeding expectations to a higher standard. The exceptional care and attentiveness from the dedicated staff extend from the moment guests step in until they depart. Every detail receives meticulous attention—from the warm reception to the supportive services, especially the breakfast buffet. It’s not only delicious but also diverse, catering to the culinary needs of every traveller.

4. Valley Village Phu Quoc

Valley Village Phu Quoc, is a small haven nestled within lush greenery embraced by natural tree lines. Here, privacy and tranquillity aren’t just basic facets but the essence of a perfect retreat, creating a space with positive energy and healing potential. Within the cosy confines of the Deluxe Bungalows, you’ll feel at home, with private bathrooms and picturesque views of the lush green garden.

Valley Village Phu Quoc A Place Of Positive Energy And Soul Healing For Travelers
Valley Village Phu Quoc – a place of positive energy and soul-healing for travellers

Not just stopping there, the option to rent private villas with personal pools and garden views elevates the experience, especially for couples, particularly those revelling in their honeymoon. Every detail within these villas is meticulously designed to offer a remarkable and unforgettable holiday experience. Here, every moment becomes a cherished memory, and each amenity enjoyed brings forth comfort and a sense of exclusivity tailored for every guest.



5. Cottage Village 

Cottage Village is a destination brimming with a serene ambience, nestled amidst lush green gardens. As you step inside the premises, the pathway paved with white stone leads to each bungalow, flanked by rows of cool green trees and flowers, creating a scene reminiscent of fairy tales.

The Pathway Leading To The Bungalows Adorned With Flowers And Foliage
The Pathway Leading To The Bungalows Adorned With Flowers And Foliage

Furthermore, the sizable pool within the premises offers a refreshing space, perfect for scorching sunny days. Cottage Village also provides a floating breakfast service for a small fee, allowing you to relish a delightful morning meal within the cool waters.

6. Phu Quoc Eco Beach

Nestled along the Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort is a hidden gem amidst pristine forests, showcasing a diverse range of natural flora and fauna. Here, it’s not just a mere resort but a journey to immerse oneself in the raw embrace of nature. The accommodations are designed and decorated in a rustic style, paying homage to the natural beauty of Phu Quoc Island, resembling the small wooden houses of yesteryears. Phu Quoc Eco Restaurant offers a fusion of Western and Asian cuisine in a diverse culinary space. At the Beach Bar, guests can relish enticing beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike, near the shoreline. The resort’s pool stands out as a notable highlight, where visitors can unwind in the water, listen to the waves, and breathe in the fresh air of the deep blue sea.

Spaces Designed In A Rustic Manner Akin To Quaint Countryside Homes
Spaces designed in a rustic manner akin to quaint countryside homes

Additionally, Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort offers various specialized services including flight bookings, tour arrangements, laundry facilities, and entertainment activities such as table tennis, beach volleyball, billiards, and fishing (seasonal). All these elements combine to provide a complete and diverse experience for guests at this resort.

7. Ancarine Resort

Nestled amidst lush greenery, surrounded by ancient trees and the ceaseless sounds of nature, this resort undoubtedly offers an authentic experience for those seeking tranquillity tranquillity amidst majestic natural surroundings. Situated in Ong Lang Hamlet, Phu Quoc, it creates a peaceful space with its private beach. It’s conveniently close enough to explore the vibrant Grand World Phu Quoc and Duong Dong town, along with various tourist attractions, yet distant enough (over 1km from the main road) to allow complete immersion in serenity, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city.


Every morning, the feeling of unwinding with a cup of coffee on the beach is an indescribable experience. Following breakfast at Ancarine Restaurant, before embarking on a journey to explore the island’s attractions, guests can make dinner reservations. What’s even more fantastic is that after a fun-filled day, a BBQ feast awaits you right on one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam!


8. Gold Coast Phu Quoc Resort

Since its inception, the resort has undergone more than a decade of development and expansion. The initial days, with the first entirely crafted wooden house made from local timber, have evolved into a heartfelt welcome area for travellers. Constantly expanding, the resort now features over thirty bungalow villas spread across the white sandy beach and poolside.


The Beachfront And Fine White Sands Eagerly Await Guests

The Wooden House Restaurant is our special dining venue where guests can savor delicious fresh seafood combined with a variety of local ingredients and international wines. The restaurant even features a small wooden bridge extending out to the sea, allowing diners to fully experience the delightful flavors accompanied by the sea breeze.

Cabanas built amidst the sea is the perfect spot to admire the sunset

9. Wild Beach Resort

True to its name, Wild Beach Resort is nestled alongside an untouched and pristine beach, offering not only a fantastic relaxation spot with its smooth white sands and tranquil space but also a special feature—two small, four-legged residents always ready to welcome and befriend every visitor. These two friendly, adorable staff members always create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making you feel at home. Wild Beach is genuinely a quality destination in Phu Quoc. The services here match those of larger establishments. From the warm welcome to the amenities and activities, everything is meticulously arranged to ensure guests have the best experience possible.

10. Peppercorn Beach Resort

Nestled along the pathway leading to Chuong Vich area, Ganh Dau, this resort resides deeply in a secluded area, giving the feeling of being cradled in the peaceful embrace of nature. Though secluded, it’s an unmissable destination for those seeking a truly memorable travel experience. With rooms overlooking the lush greenery on one side and the vast expanse of the cerulean sea on the other, every angle immerses you in images of swaying coconut palms, stretches of white sands, and the boundless blue sea. It’s truly a vivid painting crafted by nature, and naturally, the air here is refreshingly pure and invigorating.

Peppercorn Restaurant Amidst The Refreshing Greenery
The leaning coconut palms and the deep blue sea are what guests will behold every morning at Peppercorn Beach Resort (Source: Peppercorn Beach Resort

Situated along the shore, this restaurant and bar area creates a cheerful, welcoming, and comfortable space for guests. Our culinary philosophy primarily revolves around freshness, utilizing local ingredients to craft traditional Vietnamese dishes and an array of international cuisine. Fresh seafood and seasonal specialities will leave guests yearning for the distinctive flavors of this place. The menu changes with the seasons, introducing guests to specialities that showcase the unique essence of each season’s produce and delicious seafood sourced from the sea.

Snorkeling S An Activity Not To Be Missed When Visiting Phu Quoc

The list of accommodations in Phu Quoc that OnBird has highlighted is akin to bricks laying the foundation for a complete vacation. It’s not just a place to stay but the starting point for a journey where every experience is poised to be perfect right from the outset. However, the most crucial aspect remains the actual travel experience. From exploring dining spots to engaging in exciting coral discovery activities, every moment in Phu Quoc not only brings personal joy but also contributes to sustainable tourism, protecting the environment with every step you take. So, seek out a reputable diving organisation to ensure your safety and the environment’s well-being.

The recreational spots on the island are quite distant from each other, making it convenient for travelers to use scooters or rent private vehicles for easy movement, suitable for the whole family. Moreover, Phu Quoc’s sunset is one of the most enchanting experiences for visitors. After a full day of fun, it’s truly delightful to unwind with an afternoon tea or a sumptuous dinner alongside family or loved ones at restaurants offering stunning views, all while admiring the breathtaking sunset.