Utility Map: What is Around Salinda Resort and Dusit Phu Quoc?

Anna Nha Cuon Restaurant Phu Quoc (1)

Cua Lap Duong To, located near the city centre, still retains the distinctive cultural charm of the coastal city of Phu Quoc. Foreign tourists often feel empathy and affection for this place, especially its free and open lifestyle, similar to Bali – a famous tourist destination in Indonesia. The lifestyle in Cua Lap Duong To area bears resemblance to Bali, where people live freely and openly, cherishing and honouring. In this area, the renowned resorts of Salinda and Dusit Phu Quoc are two trusted and popular choices for tourists. The area surrounding these famous resorts offers a convergence of various amenities and convenient services, ensuring the most comfortable resort experience for holidaymakers.


Typically, the accommodation packages at Salinda Resort and Dusit Phu Quoc will include breakfast, so when it comes to choosing what to eat for lunch and dinner, you’re likely looking for a diverse and exquisite culinary experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour delicious dishes at the following restaurants:

1. Anna’s Nha Cuon Restaurant:

The restaurant was previously recommended by OnBird in the top 3 Vietnamese culinary establishments previously mentioned by OnBird. This place is highly recommended for its Vietnamese dishes, prepared from fresh and characteristic ingredients, and wrapped with aromatic herbs, vermicelli, and pickled vegetables, creating a harmonious and unique taste. Various fresh vegetables are served with a diverse selection of mixed fish sauces, enhancing the flavour of the dish. This will undoubtedly be an unforgettable culinary experience for visitors to Phu Quoc. In addition, the restaurant’s menu is very diverse, serving both lunch and dinner, with a wide range of beverages and rich coffee options to choose from. (Image of Beef Butter Fried Dish at the restaurant collected from Anna’s Nha Cuon Fanpage).


Italian Cuisine at Salinda Resort rediscover the essence of Italian cuisine at the il Muro Italiano restaurant of Salinda Resort, where the rich and romantic menu is crafted from traditional Italian recipes, infused with a touch of local inspiration from adventures in Phu Quoc. This results in a distinctive flavour, a perfect blend of classic European style and contemporary elements from the East. il Muro Italiano proudly holds the title of Best Restaurant in a global boutique luxury resort awarded by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards in 2022, and also Best Resort Restaurant in Vietnam according to the Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards.

When you visit il Muro Italiano, you will embark on a culinary journey of the highest calibre, where each dish is not only a delight for the taste buds, but also a marvellous fusion of culinary culture and art. However, like any other high-end restaurant, prices at Il Muro Italiano may be higher than the average, so for convenience, you can review the menu in advance to make suitable choices.
Note: You need to check their opening hours before you come.

3. Benz’s Eatery:

This establishment not only serves delicious food but also comes with reasonable prices, especially compared to other venues of similar standards. It’s an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy quality cuisine without worrying about the cost. The staff here are not only friendly but also proficient in English, ensuring that all requests from guests are understood and promptly addressed. The food at Benz’s Eatery is consistently of high quality, convincing guests to return multiple times throughout their stay.

The standout feature of Benz’s Eatery is its genuine local hospitality. Despite being a small family-run restaurant, their warmth and flexibility in service even surpass larger establishments. This has earned them affection from customers, especially international tourists who can sense the genuine care and sincerity in every dish and every smile. Benz’s Eatery is a testament to the fact that “affordability” is not just a slogan but a practical action, where every meal is a warm, attentive, and caring experience. Here, you’re not just served but cherished as a part of the family.

Ben's Eatery
Ben’s Eatery’s cosy atmosphere which is normally fully occupied at lunch and dinnertime

4. Phu Quoc Ca Rem – Premium Gelato Shop

Founded by a passionate sister-twin, this premium gelato shop is a must-visit place for a light dessert as the price is very reasonable compared with other gelato shops in tourist destinations but the quality of those home-made and predominately natural products is outstanding. Phu Quoc Ca Rem Gelato Shop

Phu Quoc Ca Rem has researched and produced a Vegan Galato package that includes Mango, Passion Fruit and Strawberry which all come without using milk and fat, but still make excellent quality, creamy foam-like natural natural fresh fruits.
They promise to say no to chemical additives and colourants, 100% imported ingredients and natural fresh fruits, HOMEMADE ice cream is made locally, low fat and low sugar but very tasty.
You can visit their shop or order to your place, check out their info on Google Maps.


5. The Home Pizza:

It’s not only one of the places that serve delicious pizza but also a place where you can experience the wonderful combination of traditional Vietnamese flavours and familiar Italian tastes. The service here is excellent, with attentive staff, making it a must-visit for pizza lovers. The menu at The Home Pizza is a symphony of flavours, where traditional Vietnamese dishes are skillfully blended with Italian pizza, creating pizzas that are both unique and harmonious, awakening all senses without overwhelming them.


The Home Pizza


For a long time, The Home Pizza has maintained its reputation as a top-notch restaurant in Phu Quoc, known for its quality food and service. It’s an ideal place for you to revisit not just once, but multiple times during your vacation. And when you visit, don’t forget to try the Italian crab and clam pasta – a truly authentic culinary experience that you shouldn’t miss.


6. Phở Bò Bắc Hải (Genuine Ha Noi beef noodle)

Phở Bò Bắc Hải brings to diners the distinctive flavors of Northern Vietnamese beef noodles, with a clear and flavorful broth and high-quality, fresh beef. The prices are reasonable, at only 50,000 – 60.000 VND for a delicious and flavorful bowl of Pho, making it an ideal choice for breakfast or lunch. It’s recommended to visit in the morning or at lunchtime to enjoy the freshest beef. Phở Bò Bắc Hải is a familiar meeting place for locals – a testament to the enduring culinary quality that is not only reserved for tourists.


Here, you can truly experience the essence of Northern beef pho, where tradition and quality contribute to its reputation. Additionally, if you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset view, you can explore the options of restaurants known for their spectacular sunset views.


7. Nage Eatery:

Nage Eatery Phu Quoc: One of the most beloved casual fine dining establishments in Saigon, now with a branch in Phu Quoc. Nage Eatery Phu Quoc stands out with its diverse and refined menu, featuring specially crafted dishes made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, combined with mouthwatering techniques and harmoniously paired with unique sauces, providing an unforgettable culinary experience. In particular, the coconut ice cream dessert is an excellent choice that should not be missed when visiting here.

Nage Eatery
It’s advisable to make a reservation in advance for the chance to enjoy a delectable meal in a romantic setting while taking in the enchanting and poetic sunset views of Phu Quoc. However, at Nage Eatery, the prices for dishes may be slightly higher compared to the general average. Still, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the food that the restaurant offers.




King Kong Mart: A wonderful destination for those looking to explore a diverse range of cuisines, from Phu Quoc specialities to international dishes. The supermarket offers a spacious, clean, and well-ventilated environment, ensuring a comfortable shopping experience for customers. What’s special is that the prices here are very affordable, suitable for everyone. From Salinda and Dusit Phu Quoc, it’s just about 1km to reach this supermarket.
 C Mart Supermarket: an unmissable destination when you want to shop for everyday products in Phu Quoc. With its convenient location, C Mart is closer to King Kong Mart, providing ease and convenience for your shopping needs. The supermarket offers a wide range of products from food and beverages to household items, catering to all customer needs. The space is clean and well-ventilated, and the staff is friendly, ensuring your satisfaction.


1. Versailles Spa – Versailles Mud Bath & Spa in Phu Quoc

Versailles Spa is one of the perfect relaxing destinations for those looking to indulge in mineral mud baths and mineral salt soaks. With 21 mud bath pools and 19 luxurious spa rooms, this is where you can completely unwind and leave behind all your stresses.

The mineral mud used is carefully selected and sourced from mines in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa). Through centrifugal technology, only the finest mud is chosen—mineral mud baths aid in purifying the body and leave the skin feeling smooth. The sensation of being immersed in the silky mud, enjoying the fresh sea breeze, or lying on a lounge chair amidst the lush greenery or by the beach while watching the sunset is truly a remarkable experience. Additionally, for those who have visited this place, the staff and receptionists at the spa are known to be attentive and wholeheartedly assist guests in any unforeseen circumstances.

Versaillie Club


2. Ocean Spa

A tranquil space located in the heart of Duong Dong town, Ocean Spa has recently opened its second branch. Managed by a hospitable Korean couple, it is a wonderful destination to unwind after a tiring day of exploration. Situated directly across from King Kong Mart, Ocean Spa boasts a convenient location easily accessible to guests. OnBird has personally experienced the services to provide more objective recommendations. Upon entering, guests are warmly greeted with a welcome drink, and after indulging in a relaxing spa session, a cup of fragrant coffee is served to refresh the senses. The therapists here are dedicated and professional, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful experience.
In particular, the hot stone massage therapy at Ocean Spa is truly something special. You will feel the comforting warmth radiating from the stones, melting away all the tension. After a long day of exploration, this treatment is a healing remedy for your body and well-being. If time is limited, you can also opt for foot massage therapy here.



1. OnBird Phú Quốc:

OnBird Phu Quoc: is a trusted address for those looking to explore and experience unique entertainment activities on Pearl Island. Among them, the popular and standout activity is free-diving and snorkeling in the sea. With a team of experienced and enthusiastic guides, OnBird is committed to providing customers with a safe, high-quality, and memorable diving experience. You will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy the marvellous beauty of the ocean fully. The vibrant coral reefs, colourful schools of fish, and a diverse range of marine life are sure to captivate anyone’s heart.

2 Phu Quoc Dive Shop:

To ensure that your diving experience is as complete and comfortable as possible, OnBird introduces the Phu Quoc Dive Shop – a place specializing in providing high-quality diving products and equipment. Everything you need from diving suits, masks, and snorkels to other supporting equipment is available here. The Phu Quoc Dive Shop takes pride in being a reliable companion, allowing you to explore the mysterious beauty of the underwater world with peace of mind and confidence.


After days of relaxation at Salinda Resort and Dusit Phu Quoc, why not add a little spice to your vacation by exploring other hotels and resorts? This is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the top 10 beachfront green resorts that you can consider, finding the ideal space for your future visits to Phu Quoc. Whether you want a change of scenery after one or two nights or simply want to explore more, switching accommodations is a great option to enrich your travel experience. These resorts not only provide comfort and amenities for guests but are also conveniently located near OnBird’s office and diving equipment stores, making it easy for you to experience the allure of “diving and exploring the coral reefs” – a unique experience not to be missed when visiting Phu Quoc.