Salinda Resort Phu Quoc – An outstanding in-town Hotel in Phu Quoc Island

In-Town Hotels in Phu Quoc Island – Phu Quoc Best Hotel

Salinda resort Phu Quoc - Aerial view of the infinity swimming pool
Salinda resort Phu Quoc – Aerial view of the infinity swimming pool

In consequence of the rise of the tourism industry in the Pearl island as the newly emerging tourist destination in the world with an annual number of visitors up to more than 3 millions, nowadays come to Phu Quoc, tourists from various class could find here convenience in choosing a suitable accommodation to stastify their needs. Choices are quite various, from 1 to 5 Star, in the towns and outside of the main town – Duong Dong Town (Phu Quoc Island). You could make reference to this Old Post – Where to stay in Phu Quoc to find suitable area for your accommodation on the island. In this post we just list out some high-rated 5-Star World Class Hotels and Resorts in Phu Quoc Island.  

In the main Town – Duong Dong:

Where you find the most convinence and various the most moderate-priced services during your stay in Phu Quoc Island is absolutely in the main town of the Pearl Island- Duong Dong. Duong Dong town located in a riparian areas of Duong Dong River where is home of many traditional fish sauce factories, faces the West. Due to the limited area between the crowded residential area thereby in Duong Dong town you find 3-4 Star the most among hotel classes. In the town, the highest-valued area is Tran Hung Dao street considered as foreigner street by the local. On the front-sea side of the 6 km street, you find a variety of hotels are located on the coast, possessing the font-sea lands, the beach is public using thereby in high season it is quite touristy, if you love pristine atmosphere and don’t mind other tourists walking across your sunbathing chair besides looking for convenience in shopping, out-side hotel meal and an accommodation at a price lower than remote 5 Star Hotels, you should choose here for your stay on the island. Some good-reviewed names in here that you could consult:

Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island – A 5-Star Botique Resort:

Infinity swimming pool at Salinda Resort Phu Quoc - Phu Quoc 5 star Hotels
Infinity swimming pool at Salinda Resort Phu Quoc – Phu Quoc 5 star Hotels

Situated in the middle between the North and South tips of the Island’s West coast, 5 km away from Phu Quoc Night Market, Salinda Resort Phu Quoc has been reviewed as the best hotel in terms of service on Phu Quoc Island, in spite of the very small area of the hotel compared with other same-class hotels on the island but it seems to be not a big deal to the resort team, they even take advantage of that to optimize the experience gained by clients here.

Very helpful, attentive of staffs here make a numerous clients pay compliment to as they will welcome you by name when you just step in their hotel on the first day since that moment you will receive the very attentive care from all staffs working in Salinda hotel.

You will be surprised why reviews for outstanding breakfast always appear dense in every client’s review because when staying here you will be served extremely quality breakfasts with a myriad of foods and drinks, including garden fruits, homemade cakes, Greek yogurt, and Eurasian cuisine to choose from. More specifically, breakfast at Salinda you will enjoy wine with live piano music to start the day of full excitement.

Salinda resort’s main restaurant leads to a magnificent infinity pool, which is close to the beach & ocean. This is the unique swimming pool on the island using sail filtration technology, a modern, eco-friendly electrolyte filtration system that protects the skin, hair, giving you a sense of security despite swimming for hours in the sun.

Dense Green Coverage – Whole the resort is surrounded by a dense green garden planted by the hotel in order to prevent external noisy atmosphere from giving clients annoyance, 70% the area in the hotel is covered by green trees. The beach in the front of Salinda is quite private in consequence of difficulties in reaching the area encountered by outside-hotel tourists.

Thai Spa – Spa and massage service in the hotel is the only Thailand Guru-operate on the island, all Spa treatments are come from Thailand, is the harmonious combination of traditional Thai Spa and Inspiration from the Pearl Island. One of the most-loved spa treatment here is the “Pearl Journey”, relaxing massage with pearl oil and bleaching with pearl powder – the most natural and quintessential ingredients of Phu Quoc Island.


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