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OnBird는 일반적인 투어를 운영하지 않습니다.

고객이 푸꾸옥의 아름다운 해양 생물을 감상할 수 있는 최대의 기회를 확실히 얻을 수 있도록, 또한 사공의 서비스에 만족하기 위해 스노클링, 바다 카약, 스쿠버 다이빙, 세일링 등의 독특한 소프트 어드벤처를 소그룹 사이즈로 운영하고 있습니다.

푸꾸옥의 주요 투어 운영자인 우리는 자연보호를 촉진하고 실천함으로써 취약한 생태계를 보호하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 우리는 환경을 보호하고, 산호를 회복하고, 베트남과 푸꾸옥 해양 생물을 구조하는 조직에 이익의 일부를 바칩니다.

푸꾸옥의 진정한 바다 여행

5.400.000~7.900.000/ Group
493 Booked
Touristy-avoiding snorkeling tour (limited bookings available)
1.290.000~5.160.000/ Group
22 Booked
Small-group snorkeling tour in South Phu Quoc
4.600.000~5.800.000/ Group
0 Booked
Touristy-avoiding snorkeling tour (limited bookings available)
5.400.000~6.400.000/ Group
3 Booked

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  • star rating  We took the snorkeling tour in Phu Quoc with the tour guide Tuan Anh. The experience was exceptional. The tour guide was very skilled in snorkeling, bi lingual, and... read more


    star rating  Very exciting tour I have ever taken part in. Nice to see the lively corals and enjoy the snorkeling time. Friendly and helpful tour guide. Good services. Totally recommended


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    star rating  Very helpful team, tried their best to help find a quiet and crowd-avoiding route for our family despite peak period (Tet holiday). Beautiful and quite snorkeling spots. Our tour guide... read more

    Trang D

    star rating  It was perfect as expected.
    This is my second time trip with On Bird.

    Last year I and my daughter joined this private trip and we were looking forward... read more

  • star rating  We travel to Phu Quoc quite often and this New Year holiday we wanted to try something different, so opted for snorkeling which avoids to crowds.
    I found out OnBird... read more


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    star rating  Great experience with OnBird, Can was pour guide, really wonderful, he loves reefs and fishes and was taking a great care of our 2 boys (1 & 4 years old).... read more