Our guide could use the same high quality as for our guests

OnBird is proud of that our hygienic standard is highest among scuba diving – snorkeling operators in Phu Quoc Island. How can we ensure this?

Especially, in snorkeling experiences OnBird always provide high-quality equipment which come with high hygiene standards. Not like any snorkeling tours, OnBird organizes “scientific snorkeling experiences”, all equipments will be transfered with guests by the same car from our offices to ensure about the hygeince for guests.

Why dont we keep the equipments (diving mask – snorkel – fin) on the speedboat or on the boat?

The high-quality equipments are expensive to keep them on the boats (at the harbour) where where there is a lack of resources to clean or maintain the equipments properly. On top of that Salarity – Humid atmosphere – Lack of hygiene rooms to keep equipments are our big concerns, even we can cut a lot of time if we keep the equipments on the speedboat instead of transfering all used equipments back to office after every trips.

So ho do we keep our equipments completely sanitized and cleaned prior to every snorkeling experiences?

  • Soak the equipments (diving mask – snorkeling) in strong soapy water overnight (around 10 – 11 hours)
  • Soak the equipments again in the fresh water for 30 minutes to dissolve the soap
  • Soak the snorkel once again in the hot fresh water for 2 minutes
  • Clean the mouth piece of the snorkel with high pressure water faucet
  • Soak the snorkel once again with the fresh water for 2 minutes
  • Hang the equipments in the sun to dry
  • Take the snorkels that were hang the day before and arrange into box for the guests and handle to the guides