Dispose of Fishing Line Responsibly

Plastic Bag Suffocating A Coral Shutterstock Rich Carey 1200x630

Study says those plastic fishing lines takes about 600 years to degrade.
Istock 962590716Plastic in the Ocean ( Cre: Independent.co.uk )

Those fishing lines discarded unresponsible are endangering the marine life as those plastic lines get tangles sea turtles, fish, and other marine life including whales. Plastic fishing lines also damages, and they kill corals as well.
Plastic Bag Suffocating A Coral Shutterstock Rich Carey 1200x630Cre: edf.org

These disposed plastic fishing lines also kills sea birds. It is sadly creating havoc to the eco-system. They cannot save or speak for themselves. We need to help them!

Please help us to protect environment as well as our livelihood by:

  • Never discard plastic fishing lines into the water.
  • Dispose of it responsibly by ​recycling it if you can, or into the garbage or bring it back to OnBird Office.
  • If you are planning to enjoy any type of fishing trip, please consider buying and bringing bio-degradable fishing line as they may not widely available in Phu Quoc
    Spread this information to your angler friends.

Please use #savephuquoc and post in our Instagram and Facebook to spread your good deeds and love for the marine life.