Phu Quoc snorkeling - Anemone at Shallow Reef

Phu Quoc U-Turn is actually not for those who don’t fully understand Phu Quoc underwater life but still want to discover it for themselves. U-Turn is located 16 km in the south of Phu Quoc Island, it’s subject to the current for divers and free-snorkelers to explore the locale and for novices it’s not recommended if you don’t have a really good swimming skill in the sea you could join a try-dive tour to explore the area with diving instructor accompany you.


1. Geography – Phu Quoc snorkeling – diving site
The origin of the name U-Turn derives from the shape of its geographical form with 3 sides face 3 different directions. However, due to the isolated location, the most beautiful coral reef of Phu Quoc U-Turn is almost under the influence of the Northeast moon soon in the dry season and often suffers from strong winds and waves during the dry season. That’s a little bit confusing but it’s so damn important to know!

We’ve learned that from our experiences. The weather becomes really ideal of super calm, clean with sunny just 1 – 2 weeks per year in the weather transition time between the Rainy and Dry season from October to November and sometimes in a day between Jan – April.


U-Turn - Puffer - Snorkeling in Phu Quoc
U-Turn – Puffer – Snorkeling in Phu Quoc



2. Coral species – Phu Quoc snorkeling – diving site

You could find both hard and soft coral, especially very large golden anemone clumps here. It’s harder to recognize Neptha corals here than at Half-moon reef as they live on massive corals and look like hard corals from afar. Besides that, you will have chances to see black sea urchins living on hard corals and big table corals of the diameter of 1-2m.

U Turn
Free-diving at U-Turn & witness a Pufferfish – Phu Quoc diving sites


3. Health status of coral – Phu Quoc Diving – Snorkeling:

The health status of coral is pretty good, but not for table corals as we have done snorkeling at almost every coral reefs of Phu Quoc then except the Kingdom of Table Coral (close to Phu Quoc Turtle Island) where table corals have pretty good health status whereas in the South of Phu Quoc table corals seem to be dying, turning into dark color due to some kinds of chemical that the local fishermen use to kill fish.


4. The depth – Phu Quoc Diving – Snorkeling: 

The depth of Phu Quoc U-Turn ranges from 3m – 12m, on days of favorable weather its very ideal to explore coral here, especially diving into the depth of 3 – 4 m to see big fish schools and soft corals.

U-Turn - Phu Quoc top snorkeling & diving sites
U-Turn – Phu Quoc top snorkeling & diving sites


5. Skills you should arm yourself if wanting to explore the whole beauty of Phu Quoc U-Turn in-depth:

  • Swimming – Snorkeling: Very good swimming skill to handle in the water for 1 hour at least and especially you should have a fin with you because the area is quite large with fluctuated waves and currents.
  • Easy free-dive: Just need to dive 4 – 8m into the water you will be finding a completely distinct beauty from what you just see from the water surface.
  • Scuba-diving: Explore depths of U-Turn on a customized scuba-diving trip, with 3 sides of coral reefs its worth exploring, join our scuba diving trip to U-Turn