Private family kid snorkeling with OnBird Phu Quoc to explore Phu Quoc coral reefs

Anyone who’s been on a really bad snorkeling experience with children or inexperienced snorkelers will know that bad equipment will ruin a snorkeling experience more than anything else; from our long experiences with kids we understand that a suitable gear will be very important for kids to explore the life beneath the surface, to become a professional snorkeling & diving operator, OnBird eliminated as much of the pitfall we can to bring guests the best experiences, and one of the most vulnerable pitfall is mask and snorkel, hard silicone mask and mouthpieces have kids who have very small mouth, small teeth and of course weak jawbone so hard silicones will get them very uncomforted, result to water leaking.

Water leakage is the most common problem young children face when snorkeling due to newly used snorkeling masks are uncomfortable, many parents decide to choose full face masks for this reason, but in reality full face masks bring a lot of inconvenience and cannot guarantee that children will have an enjoyable snorkeling experience for some reasons: losse strap, heavy, big size, fogging glass…

The equipment provided on OnBird’s snorkeling experiences are Soft & high quality Silicone masks, Snorkels with soft silicone mouthpieces and a pure valves at the bottom designed bigger than regular snorkel (help to breath in and out lightly even for kids).

For kid from 8 years can use our snorkel at ease and comfort. And for our dedicated snorkeling mask, kids can still continue to use even when they grow up further with good fashion and fit face size well.

A 8 years old using OnBird’s high quality silicone mask and snorkel in his first-time real snorkeling. Take a visit our shop to get the best choice for your kids. OnBird Phu Quoc is an authorized distributor in Phu Quoc for famous brands: Gull, IST.