What ups? Phu Quoc Stay Calm and Fascinating in Epizode! – Phu Quoc International Musical Festival

Phu Quoc Rainbow game - Phu Quoc Epizode - Phu Quoc Musical Festival
Phu Quoc Rainbow game – Phu Quoc Epizode – Phu Quoc Musical Festival

Have you ever tried not to sleep for 11 days long, if not try it out at Epizode Musical Festival but buy health insurance in advance lol. The Epizode 4 music and Art festival . The destination for travelers, music lover, party crew..vv the eleven days event aims to combine Art and Music inspired by “Burning Man” . 150+ local and international Artist line up to rival some hottest nightclub,techno music.Last year the attendees doubled than a year before. The More The Merrier. This year the organizer forecast to bring over 10,000 people from 79 countries to Sunset Sanato Beach on Phu Quoc island. The event begins in the afternoon on December 27. Especially the music will take place 24/7 day and night, sleepless until the end of SunSet on January 7. The weather in December till April in Phu Quoc island is the best time in year to visit blissful island. With 150 DJs will perform in 4 stages on SunSet Sanato Beach. 4 stages will be decorated in four completely different styles: Music, DJ, Light and Bamboo Structure..
Satori https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/satori , a Dutch DJ has the honor of not only playing the first sunset of the event but also the first sunrise of new year 2020. Make sure you do not miss his time.

Phu Quoc International Musical Festival Epizode
Phu Quoc International Musical Festival Epizode

DJ Mag https://direct.djmag.com/content/epizode-vietnams-24-hour-festival-house-and-techno-fanatics described the Festival as “easily Asia’s best keep secrect”.

Dj ánh Sáng Huyền ảo
A nuclear bomb of Tech, EDM,Club music in Phu Quoc island , Cruise ship of music in the Gulf of Thailand.

Alongside with traditional slogan of underground community : eat-sleep-rave-repeat, in the day time the participants are able to learn Yoga, group meditation classes, healing sound sessions also daytime craft workshops will be provided for clubbers keen to explore their creative ability.

Sunset catching is one of activities in duration of Phu Quoc Epizode
Sunset catching is one of activities in duration of Phu Quoc Epizode

Worry about food and drink, all about human basic needs , here how it work,
No food and beverage from outside, the security will check from A to Z, food will be provided in the restaurant with menu, the bars (2,3 on the beach ) will serve you drinks whenever you need just come and talk to the staff. The only thing that you need to prepare the most is money .

Some helpful tips from OnBird:
– Book hotel as soon as possible (10.000+ clubbers will need to sleep and rest anyway)

– Rent motorbike and keep it untill the Festival concluded (scooter will absolutely come in very high demand in the duration of the Epizode)

– Never ever drive in drunkenness

– Never swim after drinking.

– Taxi would be expensive at late night, settle bargain with the driver…vv
contact OnBird for more advises , we are happy to help you have the amazing days in Phu Quoc island.
for more information about Epizode click: https://epizode.com/

Reference source Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/oisinlunny/2019/11/16/epizode-festival-mixes-tastemaker-dj-lineup-with-eco-credentials-in-vietnam/#52c0ff1a2dd5



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