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How fast the internet in Phu Quoc island is?

Phu QUoc Island Internet
Phu QUoc Island Internet

There are many tourists wondering how telecommunications network in Phu Quoc will be like? As slow as the moving speed of snails! Yes, it used to be but once upon an time. Before 2014, the telecommunication network in Phu Quoc was very slow because the infrastructure had not developed yet by the time, connecting technology was ADSL technology via microwave. In mid-2014, with the construction of an  electric cable line under the sea from the mainland (Ha Tiên)  to Phu Quoc island to fullfill the electricity demand following the growing tourism industry of Phu Quoc, a submarine sea optic cable has been deployed.  The length of this cable line is around 56 km. Now the internet’s speed has increased by 10 times compared to the old technology. Moreover, 4G technology with mobile sim card  also allows us to be online anytime, anywhere. So do not worry too much about updating information, posting Facebook, or sharing photos via Instagram about your trip! According to the statistics, 99% of the island accommodation places provide free WiFi, some very special places you want to throw back to the wild, such as Mango Bay resort, do not have WiFi. Phu Quoc also has public WiFi in the downtown area. If you want to travel around the island from North to South, I recommend you to buy a 4G sim with the internet package attached, you will not worry about getting lost with Google or  Map, finding a good restaurant within a radius of 1 km, posting a beautiful photo updating immediately onto Instagram, or booking a Grab driver to go to the airport. All of it will work with a smartphone and internet connection.

Everything is so easy with a 4G mobile sim -card, all mobile networks are covered across Phu Quoc island. Among the big three companies : Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel, I recommend Viettel because of the widest coverage in Phu Quoc island. You can buy a 4G sim and select the appropriate internet package easily at any mobile store on the road


Chi Thanh Store, on the left of the entrance to Phu Quoc Night Market. A well-know address in the town area.


– Remember to ask the package you want to use, not too much just enough.

– Check if your phone has been unlocked international, if it is not already unlocked, you cannot use the 4G SIM card.

– Only 4G packages only will not receive , call, ask the staff to find the best that fit your demand.

– Don’t use your phone too much, open eyes for contacts and talks LOL!