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Cua Can Fishing Village is located 14 kilometers north of Duong Dong Town, 10 kilometers south of Ganh Dau, and a couple of kilometers north of Ong Lang Beach.

The fishing village with its modest population of 4,000 people is the gateway to the mighty Cua Can River which runs deep into the pulsing center of Phu Quoc, and Cua Can Beach – a great spot for picnicking and swimming in the area.

Most of its residents living in houses built on stilts over the river. The village has a few places to chill out and enjoy a roadside drink before heading to the more isolated beaches of the North.

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Cua Can beach & village- Phu Quoc map



Distinguished by pepper plantations, unique ecosystems, and rickety wooden bridges, Cua Can village is quite a local destination that’s worth your visit:

Beach Sports & Sand Bar

Cua Can Beach is a wild “beach” that resembles an arched sand bar (estuary) with the ocean on one side and the Cua Can River on the other. It is large enough for you to take part in some kinds of beach activities.

There is a sand bar by the river mouth which is consistently dredged but our mother nature always knows how to get it reshaped in a short time. Walking closer to the river mouth and you will be rewarded with refreshing and clear waters as well as the only sand dune on the island! Remember to bring plenty of water or refreshments with you as there are no beach bars. The trash may be an issue but the water is clean. Bonus, the beach is covered with sand dollars!


Kayaking on Cua Can River

Cua Can” is the longest river on Phu Quoc. Taking a kayak is the nicest way to discover the river. It flows guiding the ways to the tranquil surrounding of nature to observe wildlife and river living.

As for lovers of photography and bird-watching, this is the place to be. Grab your camera and catch the flocks of hornbill flying above you! Also, through the Cua Can River, you will have access to the interior of the magnificent Phu Quoc National Forest.

Cua Can Beach Sunset
Cua Can River Sunset on the island


Drop by some pepper gardens

There is approximately 385 ha of pepper plantations on Phu Quoc Island which are throughout the central and northern regions of the island – Cửa Dương, Gành Dầu Village, and Cửa Cạn commune. We probably drop some random local pepper gardens all year round by yourself with or without little fees and you will get to know how the residents handle their famous pepper in the world.

Pepper garden- Cua Can Commune-Phu Quoc


More about pepper things you need to know better:


Furthermore, Wandering along the Cua Can River shore, you shall be seeing the daily life activities of the local fishermen and the fishing boats full of fish and shrimp returning to the wharf.

To get there, take the Cua Can road (one of the island’s main roads) that is easily accessible via Duong Dong up to Ganh Dau and the Vinpearl Resort. From there, drive passed Ong Lang Beach and Vung Bau Beach, and you will reach Duong Dong Town. Cross the river (choose either Hung Vuong Road Bridge or Nguyen Trung Truc Road Bridge) and navigate your way towards Cua Can Road.


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