Indispensable tips for Snorkeling in Phu Quoc – Phu Quoc Snorkeling

Phu Quoc touristy-avoiding snorkeling tour to explore Half-moon Reef
Phu Quoc Half-moon Reef - The best Phu Quoc Snorkeling sites
Phu Quoc Half-moon Reef – The best Phu Quoc Snorkeling sites

Phu Quoc Snorkeling Tips – Time planning

As Phu Quoc coral reefs located in 2 separated areas, the South sea of Phu Quoc or known as the An Thoi Archipelago and the Northwest of Phu Quoc (Check Phu Quoc Coral Reefs Overview) and the usual destination of snorkeling tours provider is the An Thoi archipelago and it is popular snorkeling destination for tourists. And most of the tourists just have only done a snorkeling tour in the An Thoi archipelago and missed another beautiful fringing reef in the Northwest – Phu Quoc Turtle Island – one of the most beautiful coral reefs left of which state of health is still good. If you have an abundance of time on your vacation in Phu Quoc you should enjoy snorkeling in both the An Thoi Archipelago (map) and Turtle Island. (Check out Snorkeling & Diving Spots in Phu Quoc)

It would take many hours if you would like to admire coral reefs in the An Thoi Archipelago which is popular with coral reefs such as “Phu Quoc Undersea Coral Mountain”, Half-moon Reef and Phu Quoc U-Turn.


Phu Quoc Coral Mountain - Phu Quoc Tailor-made Snorkeling tour
Phu Quoc Coral Mountain at Crystal Reef – Phu Quoc Distinct & Touristy-avoiding Snorkeling Tour – Kids snorkeling


Stay away from numerous shared tours and the crowd

After snorkeling in the An Thoi archipelago you must have known about a few of the coral reefs listed above. Besides that, you must have also expectedly enjoyed the peaceful but not teeming atmosphere on deserted islands in the An Thoi archipelago. But every word I said seems to contrast with the experiences you have obtained. So did you carry out the snorkeling tour improperly, didn’t you?

Touristy boat before leaving An Thoi harbor - Phu Quoc Snorkeling - Phu Quoc Snorkeling Tips
Touristy boat before leaving An Thoi harbor – Phu Quoc Snorkeling – Phu Quoc Snorkeling Tips

Most tourists will be enjoying a tiny part of the whole beauty of Phu Quoc coral reefs since they will not be provided with proper guidelines of snorkeling as well as environmental protection by irresponsible tour providers, especially from numerous shared tours some companies provide you with noisy boats carrying hundreds of people. You could find snorkeling tour providers everywhere at easy in Phu Quoc but the majority of them are unqualified? You are perhaps making mistakes in choosing top-tier snorkeling tours resulting from neglecting or evening ignoring information related to Phu Quoc Coral Reefs (you make reference to here). Indeed, your snorkeling experience would be completely different as if you will be walking on the air if you will be being escorted by proper tour providers. In regard to shared snorkeling tours, in the past when Phu Quoc was not well-known, a shared tour was a reasonable solution to low prices is good but not cheap prices for customers as there were shortages of vehicles, boats, the qualified labor shortage in the undeveloped tourism industry. For those reasons, it was a reasonable option for many customers and they would not meet the crowd on the boat and at snorkeling spots but in contrast to that, nowadays shared boats teemed in Phu Quoc Sea, many companies load boats with hundreds of people. Another reason that makes the Phu Quoc Sea teeming in the morning is that most companies have the same departure time, this involves the appearance of the crowd everywhere, it makes the natural quiet atmosphere unexpectedly become noisy. It will not be able to complete your satisfaction, happiness without enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in remote islands.

Not only the big wooden boats but speedboat tours have also raised the same problem.

Touristy speedboat - Phu Quoc Snorkeling
Touristy speedboat – Phu Quoc Snorkeling – Phu Quoc Snorkeling Tips

So how to enjoy snorkeling as well as the tranquility atmosphere on deserted islands properly? Please check out our touristy-avoiding snorkeling tours by speedboat here


Be smart travelers, customers – Choose reasonable instead of cheap prices

Ready for sunset - Phu Quoc private snorkeling tour
Ready for sunset – Phu Quoc private snorkeling tour

Many companies tend upon people who are interested in cheap prices but not reasonable, you are a money-conscious traveler then you should know what an economical price is, don’t be attracted by cheap prices by low-quality tour providers. Cheap prices absolutely ensure a fabulous experience for you as they say in advertisements, sometimes reviews on TripAdvisor cannot ensure an amazing experience during snorkeling tours as they are just subjective reviews by amateur about something new to them. The less you pay for something, the lower quality it will inevitably be.