Phu Quoc Island Private Snorkeling Trip to the An Thoi Archipelago

How to avoid touristy places, crowds in a private snorkeling tour in Phu Quoc Island? You must have known that most of the tour operators in Phu Quoc offering similar itineraries thereby you are wondering how to find a truly distinct trip for your special time in Phu Quoc?

If you are a frequent traveler, having a great passion for a genuine relaxable private trip which is the combination of in-depth snorkeling, island hopping, stunning moments. The post is written for you as a tip to plan up your private snorkeling tour in Phu Quoc island. Beyond usual details listed out in any private tour, it is important to take external things into consideration as they could make or spoil your day. What are those external things? Phu Quoc island has been becoming more and more popular destination between tourists, thereby it is getting touristy than ever before. The most concern to those who are planning up a private snorkeling tour in Phu Quoc is how to avoid crowds besides enjoying the beauty of Phu Quoc island in a truly peaceful atmosphere. We would like to introduce a tailor-made trip whose creation for the purpose of avoiding touristy-places with perfect timing and bringing clients to the best coral reefs in Phu Quoc such as Coral Mountain at Crystal Reef, Half-moon Reef, U-turn…learn more about Phu Quoc Top snorkeling spots

You won’t be landing on touristy beaches with full of speedboats driven cross your face in an unsafe distance or running into the noisy atmosphere with the presence of big wooden boats carrying 50 – 60 people or large-group speedboats tours at popular snorkeling spots as you will be taken to special low-key snorkeling spots.

The name of the trip is Welcome gloaming in the An Thoi archipelago, with the best timing as well as the best itinerary you will be picked up at noon from your hotel, after getting to the dock for the speedboat you will be taken to an untouched beach where whole the sparkling water seems to belong to you, at here you could get yourself acclimated to the water before joining amazing physical activities at Half-moon Reef 16 km off the An Thoi harbor where you could explore Phu Quoc Large Golden Anemone Reef of extraordinary Helmet-shaped Twin Rocky Coral and coral covered cliff, canyon if you are capable of doing easy free-dive.

After the exploration in deep water, it is relaxable time in a claim and shallow jade water of 1-2 m at Phu Quoc Coral Mountain, even for kids they will find it stunning, amazing when exploring this special 200 sq meters of Cabbage Coral Reef at a close distance with schools of reef fishing swimming right above the reef. The discovery of Phu Quoc Coral Mountain is kind of special event on the way of introducing the beauty of Phu Quoc Island to global travelers, the Coral Mountain emerging as a noteworthy snorkeling spot because of its large size which covers an area of 200 – 300 sq meters in shallow water and the original beauty of corals is still preserved with a good state of health. Sometime at Coral Mountain, we could meet a lot of blue reef fish as they find here safe shelter as the fringing reef embraced by the island. One of the advantages of the reef that most clients will be falling in love with it is the calm water here, embraced by the island, the reef is protected from season winds.

Salty water has you thirsty, in this special designed itinerary, your thirst will be quenched on a beautiful island in a peaceful atmosphere without the presence of crowds, big wooden boats, speedboats. At here lie down on a sunbathing chair at a beach bar at the feet of coconut trees, you will be welcomed with a cup of cocktail, relaxing and waiting for the sunset, contemplate the red sky in gloaming time. Does it sound peaceful and romantic?

Welcome sunset on a Peaceful island - cozy family love - Phu Quoc Private tour
Welcome sunset on a Peaceful island – cozy family love – Phu Quoc Private tour