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Phu Quoc Island is a beautiful tropical paradise located off the west coast of the Mekong Delta. While there are many stunning beaches and picturesque landscapes in the country, this one manages to set itself apart. 

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  1. Mid-West side of Phu Quoc:

      Duong Dong Town: a usual accommodation for most tourists

  • Central location in Phu Quoc with convenient traffic system connected to North, East, South Phu Quoc
  • Easily seek services: supermarket, bike–car rental, restaurant, bar, pharmacy, massage…
  • Easily seek traveling advice from other travelers
  • Animated nightlife
  • A variety of accommodations: home-stay, dormitory, hotel, bungalow…
Phu Quoc towns – Duong Dong Town – Phu Quoc Experience


  2. North end of Phu Quoc:

   Chuong Vic Beach: Private, Natural, Countryside atmosphere, super remote

  • 30 – 35 km away from Duong Dong town
  •  Beautiful, calm blue beach
  • Phu Quoc – Cambodia boundary – strait
  • A small town with many local restaurants outside hotels

Chuong Vic Beach

Chuong Vic Beach – Phu Quoc Travel


3. Northwest Phu Quoc:

     Half-moon Beach (Vung Bau): Private, Natural, Countryside atmosphere (Click to see)

Vung Bau Bay Map Onbird Phu Quoc
Half-moon Beach – Vung Bau Beach – Phu Quoc Island – Phu Quoc Travel Tips

  Casuarina Beach (Bai Dai): Private, Quiet, Untouched beach (Click to see)

  • 24 – 27 km away from Duong Dong town
  • There are not any hotels, resorts here
Bai Dai - Casuarina beach from google maps, divided into 2 parts
Bai Dai – Casuarina beach from google maps, divided into 2 parts


Vinpearl Phu Quoc (Including sub-branches inside then you need to look for the hotel name carefully such as Vinpearl Resort & Spa, Vinpearl Resort & Golf,…), Radisson Blu, Phu Quoc Casino – Corona – super large resorts nearby with a private and long beach in the north of Casuarina Beach (Bai Dai)


  Cua Can Beach: Quiet, Private

  • 18 – 19 km away from Duong Dong town
  • There are very few dedicated restaurants for tourists outside resorts
  • Many groceries are within 3 – 4 km of hotels
  • Find motorbike rental from reception
  •  Beach is ranked at a lower level in comparative reviews with other areas
Cua Can
Cua Can Beach – Phu Quoc Island – Phu Quoc Beaches


  Ong Lang Beach: Quiet, Authentic (Click to see)

  • Just 8 km away from Duong Dong town
  • Clean blue sea, clean, calm, peaceful
  • A variety of accommodations
  • Easily find motorbike rental from hotel or outside
  • A dedicated small town for tourist outside the hotel

Ong Lang


4. Southwest Phu Quoc

 Long Beach (Bai Truong): Quiet, but Urbanization -in-progress, Touristy

  • 10 – 12 km away from Duong Dong town
  • In the progress of urbanization
  • Numerous new world-class hotels (Phu Quoc InterContinental resort, Sol Beach Phu Quoc – Melia, Regent, Pullman, Novotel…)
  • Can’t find good dedicated restaurants for tourist outside the hotel
  • A completely new urban area is under construction
  • Beautiful beach but touristy in high season
  • Landscape no longer wilderness
  • Could find motorbike rental from reception, their supports perhaps comes in handy
  • There are many beautiful beach bars nearby: Golden Sand Bar, Sailing Club, Sunset Sanato Beach Club and the most beautiful rooftop bar in Phu Quoc – INK 360 at the 19th floor of InterContinental Long Beach Resort Phu Quoc
Bai Truong
Phu Quoc Long Beach – Bai Truong – Phu Quoc Travel Experience


  White sand Beach (Bai Sao – Sao Beach): Touristy, super-thin White sand (Click to see)

  • Around 34 km away from Duong Dong town
  • A handful of accommodations along the road leading into Sao Beach
  • A few low-class accommodations providing customers with low standards: dirty toilet
  • The best area among spots along the beach is Paradiso – cleanest, quietest
  • Too noisy due to the existence of many restaurants along the coastline
White sand Beach – Bai Sao – Phu Quoc Beaches


  Paradise Beach (Bai Khem): Quiet, super-thin white sand, exclusive & expensive though

Bai Khem
Phu Quoc Paradise Beach – Bai Khem – Phu Quoc Beaches


Ong Doi Cape (Ông Đội): Quiet, super-thin White sand, Super exclusive, model architectures in accordance with natural forest, unique things

  • Great hotel Phu Quoc Premier Village
  • Unique place in Phu Quoc that can admire both sunset and sunrise
  • Unique place possesses 2 beaches at both the side
  • Can meet monkey visiting hotel from the forest
  • Paradise landscape
  • Another masterpiece of Bill Bensley – architectural king of Asian resorts in Phu Quoc
  • Difficult to find motorbike rental
  • Few local restaurants nearby hotels
  • View of the An Thoi Archipelago
Ong Doi
Phu Quoc Ong Doi Cape – Phu Quoc Beaches – Phu Quoc Premier Village


5. Northeast Phu Quoc: extremely quiet, friendly localized, unattractive beach, secluded as massive investments haven’t begun in the earnest.

  • Easy to go
  • Many new hotels: Dugong Resort, Lotus home, Sailing Club (Enjoy Sailing by Catamaran here)….
  • No groceries, supermarket, restaurants within 5 – 8 km of hotels
  • Amazing bar – Rory’s Beach Bar Phu Quoc, they have moved here from Duong Dong town
  • Easy to find motorbike rental from your hotels as they know you certainly need it.
Dong Bac
ProductsPhu Quoc Northeast side – Phu Quoc Accommodation