Sustainable Small-Group Soft-adventure Snorkeling Tour – Amazing things to do in Phu Quoc Island


Low reef impact snorkeling experience in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam with perfect timing just half-day of around 5-6 hours, zero-waste tour without on-island lunch to protect the water habitat for marine creatures and coral reefs that are in a serious state of degradation. OnBird organizes soft-adventure snorkeling experiences which explore different coral reefs of Phu Quoc Island among 21 coral reefs based on the water conditions and itineraries.

Embark on a professionally-led small group snorkeling experience by speedboat with 8 – 9 adults in maximum (restricted to under 10-year-old kids), explore hidden coral spots in South Phu Quoc Island with high-quality equipment provided, you can entirely enjoy Phu Quoc marine life in tranquility atmosphere.

On this snorkeling experience, OnBird operates a very small-scaled scientific snorkeling experience with 8 – 9 adults (PAX) in maximum to maximize the experience of guests. As such, each individual traveler still gains enough privacy during the snorkeling trip with us meanwhile we’re able to minimize the impacts on coral reefs.

What Make This Soft-adventure Snorkeling Experience Unique?

  • Professional & Scientific Snorkeling (Licensed Operator) with high safety and risk management
  • Water conditions tracking (wave level, wave direction, water current, underwater visibility, locations) & Lighting effect are taken into account to maximize snorkeling experience
  • Genuine small-group with 8 – 9 participants in maximum
  • Low impact reef Snorkeling Experience for marine life protection
  • English-speaking & professional UNDER-WATER INSTRUCTOR guides during snorkeling time (read more)
  • Our underwater guides are highly-trained and know the coral reef like the back of their hand
  • High quality and clean snorkel equipment (anti-fog mask, semi-dry tube, open-heeled fins, floatation support devices) (How does OnBird clean our equipment)
  • Distinct and crowd-avoiding itinerary to explore Core Zones and Hidden Coral Spots (where we find featuring coral spots and healthy) in accordance with the water conditions but not the ones on regular snorkeling tours:
    • Half-moon Reef (The Coral Bay of underwater coral wall, coral canyons)
    • Coral Steep (The coral garden on the pinnacle reef
    • North-East Coral Reef (One of the most biodiversity coral reef in South Phu Quoc)
    • Coral Mountain (The Phu Quoc’s largest Cactus Coral Colony)
    • Coral Hill (The Phu Quoc’s second largest Flowerpot Coral Colony)
    • Coral Garden
    • Little Hill
    • Other coral spots maped by OnBird are subject to the water conditions
  • Timing in accordance with the water condition to not waste whole day
  • Schedule changed daily for the better water conditions on the date


Why Do These Soft-adventure Snorkeling Experiences not Include lunch or BBQ?

Including-meal snorkeling are quite popular in every destination in all over the world and Phu Quoc in particular, in Phu Quoc many snorkeling tours are inclusive of lunch and BBQ on small islands which are actually home to coral reefs and fish around and meal organizations are indeed harmful to the marine life and coral reefs. In fact that, now in Phu Quoc Island, the infractructure on small islands (except Hon Thom) in An Thoi archipelago do not have qualified wastewater filtration systems thereby all wastewater from cooking and cleaning dishes with soap flows into the sea without any measure of quality. This situation is the same to on-wooden-boat lunch and dinner. All wastewater is polluting sea water, contributes to the degradation of coral reefs around Phu Quoc Island.

OnBird’s changes: OnBird understands that we need to make a change by reducing and eliminating harmful impacts on the sea to protect our tourism backbone: coral reefs and marine life: We are the first snorkeling & diving operator offer:

  • No small-fishing fishing on all snorkeling tours
  • No on-island/on-board meals on snorkeling tours (we have changed meal with fruit and fruit juice only)
  • No Feeding-fish activities on snorkeling & diving tours
  • Underwater instructors take care of guests and observe coral reefs daily

On top of that, another reason why we dont include lunch in the tour because of the accountance of lighting effect on snorkeling when we create the schedule. Most of tours that include lunch will arrange snorkeling time between 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM which is considered noon time frame, completely not good for snorkeling as well as we relieaze that at the noon time frame there is a significant changes in water conditions and OnBird takes water conditions into account to choose the better timeframe for the soft-adventure experience daily for our experiences. Then the arrangements of lunch will indeed influence snorkeling experiences.

WHY the Noon-time frame (10 AM – 2 PM) is worse for snorkeling? UV EFFECT IN SCIENTIFIC SNORKELING WITH ONBIRD


Why the prices of small-group snorkeling experiences look pricey?

OnBird’s small-group soft-adventure snorkeling experiences are organized with high standards but not pricey but reasonable or actually cheaper:

  • Small number of participant just from 6-9 PAX in maximum instead of 20 – 40 even 50 PAX on regular snorkeling tours
  • 2 – 3 Professional Underwater instructors to take guests in the water (guide ratio: 1:3 or 1:4) at coral reefs to ensure the safety for guests and coral reefs and join you in exploring featuring hidden corals (OnBird is the only company that have underwater instructors during snorkeling time)
  • Speedboat saves a lot of time: instead of spending whole day with wooden boats or big group speedboats for transfer, multi-pickups our tour arrangements help saving 30-40% of time
  • No shopping-site stops (including sea-walking on the sea) for comissions
  • Advanced water condition forecasts by OnBird at high accuracy
  • Selective and hidden coral spots in accordance with daily water conditions
  • High-quality and clean snorkeling & diving equipments (open-heel fins, anti-fog diving mask, prescription masks, the best semi-dry snorkel) (transfer from our office for every tour instead of keeping on the boat)

With only few hundred thousands VND higher but you will get a significant difference in quality.


Please make refference to our small-group soft-adventure snorkeling

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