Phu Quoc Small Group Snorkeling Tour – Amazing things to do in Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc small group snorkeling tour that avoids the crowds - Sunset time on Phu Quoc Island


This Phu Quoc trip is dedicated to those who want to share the speedboat’s space with some other guests (max. 8 people & min. 4 people) in South Phu Quoc exploration but also want to have a genuine private atmosphere with a touristy-avoiding route. With a touristy-avoiding route and schedule, the tour will go searching for the peaceful atmosphere at secluded islands, beaches” in the An Thoi archipelago and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs “in an explorative manner”. Joining this small group could help you to make friends with others who have mutual interests in snorkeling and share amazing experiences together. The group is only up to 8 adults, a perfect number. We manage to put a limitation on the number of customers on a shared speedboat in order to ensure you all have also a quiet enough space besides feeling happy with crews on the speedboat (need to mention that our boat is able to accommodate 20 people then it’s spacious for a small group)

Tour Highlights

+ Genuine Small-group tour (max 8 pax – min 4 pax) on a 20 seater speedboat

+ Distinct and Touristy-avoiding route – schedule

+ Tourguide guides and leads underwater in snorkeling time

+ Explore hidden venues: Turtle Head Rock Beach, Half-moon Reef, Coral Mountain…

+ Sipping fruit juice on the island in the sunset time

+ Free of charge for children under 12


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