Phu Quoc Private Car Rental – North Phu Quoc Trip (7/ 16-seater car)

Not possessing as many hot check-in places like South Phu Quoc, the North area has its own charms of wild nature, fresh & peaceful atmosphere, less-commercial destinations. An 8- hour journey in North Phu Quocc rafted at a low cost is pretty easily reserved with a few steps.


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Not possessing as many hot check-in places like South Phu Quoc, the North area has its own charms of wild nature, fresh & peaceful atmosphere, less-commercial destinations. An 8- hour journey crafted at a low cost is pretty easily reserved with a few steps. Here comes the North Phu Quoc maps pointed most of the interesting places in the Northern part of the islands in which you can pick them out to visit.

Phu Quoc Private car rental - North Phu Quoc Trip - Phu Quoc Map
Phu Quoc Private car rental – North Phu Quoc Trip – Phu Quoc Map
















8- hour North Phu Quoc Island Trip departing from Duong Dong Town. 

Private car rental price- North PQ













  • Rates ar quoted in VND, 1 US$ = 23,500 VND
  • All surcharges are payable in cash directly to the car driver.
  • A 7-seat car is allowed a maximum of 5 medium-sized luggage
  • A 16-seat car is allowed a maximum of 10 medium-sized luggage


📌 Inclusions:

  • Tour duration: 6- 8 hours (day time), 
  • Private air- conditioning transfer (7-seater or 16- seater)
  • No speaking Driver (surcharge for English-speaking driver)
  • Mineral water

📌 Exclusions 

  • Child seats are not available
  • 10% VAT
  • English/ Chinese- speaking guide, over-time working, remote areas, and English- speaking driver is all exclusive in the above rates. 

Contact us:

✔️  WhatsApp: (+84) 396526078
✔️  WeChat ID: Y0383860410
✔️  Line chat ID: 0396526078

  • Duration: 6- 8 hours
  • Departure & Arrival time: Negotiated 
  • Route: from the South/ main town to the North of Phu Quoc 

You may find many famous places of interest scattered throughout the island which listed out below. However, please be advised that it might be too rush to get yourself at all of the following ‘checkpoints’ in an 8- hour duration.

Thus, go through our helpful information in Phu Quoc Explorer then pick some top-notch destinations on your own.

List of visiting places:

  1. VinWonder (Entrance ticket vnd 500,000/ adult is required, you may need to spend from 3 – 7 hours here)
  2. Vin Safari (Entrance ticket, vnd 600,000/adult is required, you may need to spend from 1- 3 hours here)
  3. Half-moon Beach (Kaykaying is awesome!)
  4. Casuarina Beach
  5. Pepper Farm (more details in “What to expect”)
  6. Starfish Beach (Sao Beach)
  7. Rach Vem Fishing Village (seafood lunch is worth every pennies of you)
  8. Rock Island Bar (voucher: VND 350,000 VND/guest. Voucher includes round trip boat transfer and one welcome drink or food.
  9. Cua Can River (Kayaking here not so interesting)


We would recommend you to devide the list into 2 seperated routes to explore them in 2 days as it’s quite rush to feast on all of their best in a same day.

Route 1: Depart at 9.00 from the center to visit Sao Beach & have a seafood lunch at Rach Vem Area, Phu Quoc Pepper Farm and come to Rock Island Bar to have a drink at Sunset. Get back to the center by 6.30PM

Route 2: Depart at 8.00 PM from the center to visit Vinpearl Safiri/ Vinpear Wonder in the morning, enjoy seafood lunch at Rach Vem area. Take rest until 3.00PM then take a kayak at Vung Bau Bay/ Cua Can River at sunset.  Get back to the center by 6.00 PM

While staying away from the main town with your belowed ones by the beach at completely private small resort operated by the local families, you can learn from your host about Phu Quoc. As the locals would be a tell-all memoir about the Island.

Not like heavily commercialized Southern Phu Quoc Pepper farms, Northern Phu Quoc Pepper farm is much different, genuine place you could learn about Phu Quoc Pepper-planting.

You perhaps dont know that Phu Quoc Pepper is ranked as the best Vietnam Pepper and Vietnam is the world’s biggest pepper exporter, whose anuanly exporting output accounts for 39% – 40% of total global exporting output in the pepper market. So visiting Phu Quoc, it is worth visiting Pepper farm and buy home some the Phu Quoc specialty.

Besides, North Phu Quoc Island where is home to most of Pepper farms on the island thereby you will see large dense green pepper farms that is difficult to see in South Phu Quoc at present as a massive urbanization is now happening in South Phu Quoc. On top of that, one thing that our guests like to explore Pepper Farms in the North is that they are not looked commercialized like other pepper farms in the South. Northern Pepper farms are usually large with the owner’s house located right on the farm, the farm owners or the friendly farmers dont mind you visiting their large farm and asking things around planting Pepper trees…You will find here genuine pepper farms but not pepper shops with a small pepper garden, you could buy some genuiene from-farm Phu Quoc Pepper.

Not crowded like Sao Beach, Long Beach or Sunset Sanato in South Phu Quoc Island, North Phu Quoc island is extremely peaceful with Half-moon Beach (Vung Bau Beach), Casurina Beach, Dragon Beach which are all unspoil and surrounded by dense forests.



Tips & notices

Tips & Notices
✔️ Charge yourself full energy with foods 30 minutes ahead of the departure time
✔️ Charge your phone fully because we don’t have an electric generator on islands
✔️ Prepare you some snacks in case of losing energy after snorkeling spots
✔️ Bring your personal care amenities: towels, sunscreen,…
✔️ You should bring a long sleeve shirt for snorkeling instead of being bare back with sun cream because of the harmful effects of sun cream on coral reef
✔️ GoPro (water-proof & wide-angle camera) to record your memorable moments
✔️ VND Cash to pay for something you might spend on at the Island Bar

Frequent asked questions

Frequently asked questions
1. Why do our tours usually depart different time to other tour operators'?
The development of the smokeless industry is enjoying a strong rise in a number of tourists, this has given rise to noisy space in Phu Quoc in general and the An Thoi archipelago in particular. This is one of the challenging riddles needed solving for us to bring customers to see natural beauty, a quiet atmosphere, the original sense of Phu Quoc Island. And as a result, we eventually found out a proper solution, schedule for customers that want to stay away from the crowd. So much noise in life that we cannot absorb. Starting the tour earlier, we make sure that you will be experiencing the noise, discomfort from external elements. You probably don’t want to meet carrying hundreds of people boats as well as land on a crowded island that certainly ruins your experience?
2. Notice of environmental protection
“Traditional Vietnamese Handline Fishing” is “eliminated” from activities for purpose of conserving marine ecosystem Every day hundreds of boat leaving the harbor for “snorkeling tour” in Phu Quoc, most of them provide customers with fishing activity and mostly they fish tiny and small size fish with rudimentary tools (handline). For Onbird, we keep a “terrible” vision of this irresponsibility in the protection of the environment.For snorkeling tour on purpose if you fish then you will probably fish up small size fish, we don’t expect big fish from this tour and there is no point in fishing if you will eventually let them back the sea in either living or dead status, on the other hand, it is crime against the nature mother.
“Dedicated Professional Deep sea fishing Trip” is dedicated to providing customers with an awesome experience fishing big fish in the waters around the An Thoi archipelago. This is a dedicated fishing trip with dedicated fishing boat, electronic Sonar, GPS, Top American Penn Equipment, and specialized UK guide.
There is an upsurge in the number of visitors to Phu Quoc island during the last few years. Hundreds of big wooden boats have been being made in order to meet orders of purchasing from “cheap” tour companies. These carrying many people boats have been being a direct cause of dying coral reefs in Phu Quoc. They are irresponsible in anchoring, guiding customers in shallow areas of coral reef. Local government is implementing a number of solutions in order to limit the number of wooden boats, restricting them from anchoring in areas of coral reefs.
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