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Duration: 8 Hours - Hotel Pickup Transportation: Vehicle: Army Jeep - Sail: Long-tail Boat - Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off Trip type: PRIVATE CHARTER Language: Vietnamese - English Inclusions: Hotel Pickup/Drop-off; Self-caught Lunch and Dinner, Mineral Water, soda, beer, fruits, Pro-level Spearfishing gear(spearfishing wetsuits, Freediving fins, Salvimar/Epsealon Spearguns, Dive masks+snorkels), Spearfishing course


(applied to groups of adults - from 15 yrs old)



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Tap into your primal instincts and join us on a spearfishing charter with OnBird in Phu Quoc island. Spearfishing is a kind of new and fantastic activity you must challenge yourself with when on Phu Quoc island. During the length of 12 hours, we’ll take you to some incredible spearfishing locations in and around South Phu Quoc island!

Spearfishing is an ancient sport, but this time, we are doing it in a modern way. A modern spearfishing hunt with spearguns which is protected by a neoprene wetsuit against the environment of the seas and navigates the underwater depths using a pair of long freediving fins. What’s more, the marine environments are usually thriving with fish, making it a spearfishing paradise! Owned and operated by passionate spearfishing people – we as a team know what it takes to make a good trip, in and out of the water.

Our spearfishing charters are suitable for adventurous singles, couples and/or groups of friends or workmates. We keep the maximum of 4 adventurers per trip to make sure all participants have absolute comfort and style. Select from the trips below for more information and get ready to meet new friends and gain an experience of a lifetime!



  • A private charter with a vintage Army Jeep
  • Escort by a professional ‘hunters’
  • Learn to spearfish
  • Hunt your own fish
  • Enjoy 8-10 kg of fish for lunch and dinner
  • Witness the sunset on remote beaches Campfire, BBQ, drinks on secluded beaches

Join the Savage Dragon’s crew as well as OnBird team, so next time when your friends ask you: “What did you do in Phu Quoc?”, you wouldn’t have to answer “Well, I sunbathed and read books all day.”


Requirements for Novice Hunters:

  • Adventurous spirit
  • Previous snorkeling experience
  • Good swimming ability
  • Comfortable in the sea

Requirements for Advanced Hunters:

  • The previous freediving experience
  • Previous spearfishing experience
***There is also a “secret” location called Mystery Island so hidden away that no tourist boat ever goes there. It is known to only a handful of local fishermen who go there once a year. In order to get there sea conditions have to be perfect: calm waters, still winds and weak waves. Mystery Island is an absolute gem but is not included in the usual travel plan due to its difficulty to access. However, every now and then, perhaps once a month, there is that perfect day. Should you happen to be the lucky few, I will announce it and the decision to visit it is yours.***


  • Vinpearl area: 9:30 AM
  • Ong Lang area: 9:15 AM
  • Duong Dong area: 10:00 AM
  • Bai Truong area (SOL by Melia, Novotel, InterContinental): 10:15 AM
  • JW Marriot area:  10:30 AM


  • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off by Vintage Army Jeep
  • Top tier English speaking Cicerone – Spearfish-men
  • Mineral Water – Beer
  • Spearfishing course
  • Self-caught Lunch and Dinner
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What to expect

What to expect in this spectacular hunt?

You can either come with me as Accompanied Guests or as Hunters.
Accompanied Guests get to experience everything but they do not actually do the hunting parts. Hunters, on the other hand, will be supplied with their own spearfishing gear and will go with me to spear some nice fish for the group to eat. Novice Hunters are those trying spearfishing for the first time and will receive instructions on speargun handling and safety. Advanced Hunters will go hunting at their own pace. Either way, everyone will get to taste their own delicious seafood-decked lunch and dinner and experience an adventure like no other on this side of the Gulf of Thailand ).
For this South trip, we will drive to the An Thoi harbor, where we will meet our long-tail boat captain.
Our first staging ground is called Dragon Island, an uninhabited little gem with one single golden beach. This is where we will unload the equipment and hop off.
The captain will prepare a campfire. At this point Accompanied Guests can enjoy the island at their own leisure (snorkeling, chilling, sunbathing, Instagramming). Hunters will take their gear and go with me to some good hunting spots, and hopefully, we can come back with some nice catch. After all, we got a roar-in’ fire waiting for its BBQ!
Once lunch is over, it’s time to hop back onto the captain’s boat and head towards the other islands. These include Half-moon Reef where the water is clear and snorkeling top-notch. This can also serve as our next spearfishing spot. Next is Crystal Reef where you can see the legendary Sphinx and prowl the depths for tasty fish. Another possibility is U-Turn, which is a crescent-shaped bay that serves as a shelter for hordes of fish.
Once we are done and tired, we will finish the day by visiting either May Rut or Fingernail Islands. At this point, these 2 most popular islands should be empty (around 17.30). So we get to claim and enjoy the best beaches in Phu Quoc all for ourselves. The highlight of this relaxing time is to watch the sunset.
Afterward, it’s time to head back to the harbor. But the adventure is not over yet. Somebody has to cook the rest of our catch, and boy, are there catches! We will drive back to my house and it’s time to cook ourselves a nice, big Vietnamese home-cooked dinner for the whole group!

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