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Duration: 6- 8 hours Transportation: Private speedboat Trip type: SELF-GUIDED Language: Vietnamese (without tour guide) Inclusions: * Crafted itinerary with crowd-avoiding route and timeframe. * Private spacious speedboat with a captain * Icebox and Cold water on speedboat * Sunbathing chair and fruits at beach bar on island * Snorkel gears and Life vest * Remote assistance 24/7


(applied to groups of adults - from 15 yrs old)



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For travellers that are experienced in snorkeling or free-diving in Phu Quoc island, self-guided tours are the answer. On this self-guided snorkeling tour, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips courtesy of detailed snorkeling advice, but with the added freedom to pick and choose snorkeling spots on the map that OnBird guides you.

We bring the map, and you bring your sense of adventure! Learn more about becoming your own tour guide below! 



  1. Follow our expert advice as we know our local market

On a self-guided tour, you have the luxury of an expertly crafted itinerary based on years of experience and knowledge of Phu Quoc and its best offers, including:  

  • Underwater weather condition checks 
  • Crowd-avoiding snorkeling route
  • Proper snorkeling spots (depth ranges, coral types, and tide condition).


  1. No limitation on the snorkeling time

We are hassle free and never worry about keeping up with the tour group when taking this self-guided snorkeling trip in South Phu Quoc with us.


  1. Rely on pre-booked services

Local speedboats, guides or cars might run out soon (especially on a peak season), you have our back with pre-booked services at the best price. 


  1. 24/7 emergency support

For those times when things really get out of hand, even on a self-guided tour, you can rest easy knowing that our online operator support is just a phone call or message away. 


Pick out any of below venues, we’ll help to customize your own itinerary

  1. Turtlehead Rock Beach  or similar (Swimming, Relaxing)
  2. Fingernail Island (Not recommended due to the crowds) (Poor variety of coral species – small, dirty and crowded)
  3. Half-moon Reef (Snorkeling – Free-diving || Depth: 3 – 8 m) (Great variety of coral species: soft & hard corals, anemone)
  4. Crystal Reef (Snorkeling || Calm water – Depth: 1 – 3 m) (Calm and sparkling water, many massive corals)
  5. Four-season Reef (Snorkeling || Depth: 1 – 4 m) (Massive coral and big table corals)
  6. U-Turn (Free-Snorkeling – Free-diving) || Depth: 2 – 8 m: Not for Novices) (Best time to visit: Oct-Nov or May-June) (Great variety of coral species: soft & hard corals, big anemone clumps but wavy)
  7. May Rut Trong island with Beach Bar (Inclusive of the sunbathing chair – fruit at the beach bar)

Note: Snorkeling spots are subject to weather conditions, please ask for a detailed arrangement from us in advance to get cleared about your itinerary




For further consultancy, please reach us:

  • Hotline 1: (+84) 36 375 9280  (Call, WhatsApp, Zalo, Wechat)
  • Hotline 2: (+84) 39 652 6078 (Call, WhatsApp, Wechat, Zalo)
  • Reservation or more inquiries via mail: [email protected]
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What to expect


  • Tailor-made itinerary/ schedule for the purpose of averting encountering touristy atmosphere
  • Spacious speedboat
  • Experienced captain
  • Snorkel gears (Mask, Tube, Flipper, Life vest)
  • Ice-box and cool mineral water on the speedboat
  • Sunbathing chair, fruit served at Beach Bar on the last island
  • Clear up all of the vague information related to your plan Itinerary
  • 24/7 Remote assistance



  • Prepare a long-sleeved swimsuit for snorkeling to minimize the use of sun-cream
  • You should bring towels 
  • In case of unanticipated bad weather elements we would do apologize and cancel the tour with information via email from the previous evening or night).
  • The speedboat caption use little English but you have our remote assistance just in one call



Surcharge 20% of the tour cost will be applied on Public Holidays (30/4; 1/5; 2/9).



The private car from Hotel to An Thoi Port for speedboat embarkation (2 ways) and a professional underwater guide leading you during snorkeling time to best coral reefs.

Contact us for any further inquiry: (+84) 36 375 9280 (Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp/ WeChat). 

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