[Private – Big wooden- boat Sailing) to the Phu Quoc Northern sea

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Duration: 6 hour - In the morning Transportation: Private Big Wooden Boat - Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off - A/C Car Trip type: Private Tour Language: Vietnamese - English Inclusions: Tranquil Atmosphere; English Speaking Guide; Snorkeling equipment; Cooler; Mineral Water, A rustic South Viet Nam lunch - Free for all kids

Discover the whole part of Phu Quoc’s Northern sea privately on a big wooden- boat then admire the breathtaking panoramic view of the An Thoi archipelago at 183-m height and explore some spots of coral reefs in-depth by snorkeling or free-diving with out guidance.



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On your journey in Phu Quoc, 2 areas of snorkeling that should not be missed are South and North Phu Quoc. Among that North Phu Quoc, especially Turtle (Doi Moi – Đồi Mồi) island is a destination not to be missed. If you watched the novel “Robinson Crusoe Island” then we can tell you for sure that the appearance of Turtle (Doi Moi) island of the area of white sand beside the existence of green trees is such small and beautiful that it will certainly reminiscent of the image of Robinson Crusoe island on sight when you arrive at. But hiding behind that such pristine is the undersea colourful rich ocean world. A lunch with South Vietnam dishes will make the adventure more enjoyable.


Tour highlights

  • Touristy- avoiding Timing (depart later in the morning)
  • Tour guide escorts lead in snorkelling (free-diving is possible also)
  • Admiring the breathtaking panoramic view of the An Thoi archipelago at 183-m height
  • Bringing customers to admire the Northwest coastline of Phu Quoc
  • Exploring spots of coral reefs (Physical activities) in-depth. Many types of coral that you will be exploring (ideal spots for those who are capable of doing free-dive also): Table coral, Brain coral, Pillar coral, Great star coral, Tube Coral, Gorgonian coral, Black coral, Digitate coral Cabbage coral, Mushroom coral, Branching coral, Leather coral, Foliose coral, Massive coral, Anemone, …
  • Free of charge for all kids




In brief
  • Turtle (Doi Moi) island – exploring a 500 m2 area of coral reefs
  • Bai Dai or Bang Thang (in accordance with the weather) beach
In detail
7:30 AM: Depart from Duong Dong harbor     
    Pick- up time for customers staying outside of Duong Dong town
    * JW Marriot area: 6:45 AM
   * Bai Truong area (Sol beach, Novotel, InterContinental): 7:00 AM
   * Vinpearl area: 7:10 AM
   * Ong Lang area: 7:15 AM

8:30 AM: Arrive Turtle (Kim Quy) island – the first snorkeling spot
There will be no limitation on your time of swimming, snorkeling, relaxing before landing on the natural beach (Bang Thang or Bai Dai)

1:00 PM: Leave the natural beach for the harbor or your hotel

In order to protect customer’s interest and adhere to our business standards, we do refuse to budge on the departure time of the tour unless you agree to accept the risks of meeting the crowd in changing negotiated departure time.
In case of unanticipated bad weather elements we would do apologize and cancel the tour with information via email from the previous evening or night).

Price Inclusions:

  • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off by A/C Transfer
  • English- speaking guide (surcharge on other language speaking guides)
  • Tour guide escorts and leads in snorkeling time
  • Snorkel gears (Mask, Tube, Flipper, Life vest)
  • Urgent Safety – Kingii (Wearable Water Safety)
  • Unlimited mineral water during the tour
  • Cooler on the speedboat
  • A rustic South Viet Nam lunch

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What to expect in this Phu Quoc private speedboat trip

Taking about 1 hour from the Bach Dang harbor boating by the Northwest coastline of Phu Quoc Island to reach Turtle island, a Robinson Crusoe island in North Phu Quoc, located just within 1km of the front of Bai Dai or Phu Quoc Casino – Corona.

Turtle island is home to hundreds of meters area of Table coral reefs as well as schools of fish. The beauty of coral reefs will change by anchorages thereby we always have our tour guide define or take you to exact spots for good snorkeling in accordance with the weather, the current at any snorkeling spot. In snorkeling you will be swimming over a very large watery shallow area of Table corals, Brain corals and big colorful anemones with clownfish swimming, you will probably meet many Massive corals that you will think they are rock at the thought of their form as well as an appearance at first sight.

Privately Exploring Coral Reefs And Pristine Beach In North Phu Quoc By Big Wooden Boat (6)


Feast on a rustic lunch cooked in South Viet Nam style to get back energy for the second stop on the way back from Turtle (Doi Moi) island, an untouched spot without resorts & hotels.

Taking leave of the natural beach we get back the harbor or get straight back your hotel by boat if it is located right at Ong Lang Beach area.

Tips & notices

Tips & Notices
✔️ Charge yourself full energy with foods 30 minutes ahead of the departure time
✔️ Charge your phone fully because we don’t have an electric generator on islands
✔️ Prepare you some snacks in case of losing energy after snorkeling spots
✔️ Bring your personal care amenities: towels, sunscreen,…
✔️ You should bring a long sleeve shirt for snorkeling instead of being bare back with sun cream because of the harmful effects of sun cream on coral reef
✔️ GoPro (water-proof & wide-angle camera) to record your memorable moments
✔️ VND Cash to pay for something you might spend on at the Island Bar

Frequent asked questions

Frequently asked questions
1. Why do our tours usually depart different time to other tour operators'?
The development of the smokeless industry is enjoying a strong rise in a number of tourists, this has given rise to noisy space in Phu Quoc in general and the An Thoi archipelago in particular. This is one of the challenging riddles needed solving for us to bring customers to see natural beauty, a quiet atmosphere, the original sense of Phu Quoc Island. And as a result, we eventually found out a proper solution, schedule for customers that want to stay away from the crowd. So much noise in life that we cannot absorb. Starting the tour earlier, we make sure that you will be experiencing the noise, discomfort from external elements. You probably don’t want to meet carrying hundreds of people boats as well as land on a crowded island that certainly ruins your experience?
2. Notice of environmental protection
“Traditional Vietnamese Handline Fishing” is “eliminated” from activities for purpose of conserving marine ecosystem Every day hundreds of boat leaving the harbor for “snorkeling tour” in Phu Quoc, most of them provide customers with fishing activity and mostly they fish tiny and small size fish with rudimentary tools (handline). For Onbird, we keep a “terrible” vision of this irresponsibility in the protection of the environment.For snorkeling tour on purpose if you fish then you will probably fish up small size fish, we don’t expect big fish from this tour and there is no point in fishing if you will eventually let them back the sea in either living or dead status, on the other hand, it is crime against the nature mother.
“Dedicated Professional Deep sea fishing Trip” is dedicated to providing customers with an awesome experience fishing big fish in the waters around the An Thoi archipelago. This is a dedicated fishing trip with dedicated fishing boat, electronic Sonar, GPS, Top American Penn Equipment, and specialized UK guide.
There is an upsurge in the number of visitors to Phu Quoc island during the last few years. Hundreds of big wooden boats have been being made in order to meet orders of purchasing from “cheap” tour companies. These carrying many people boats have been being a direct cause of dying coral reefs in Phu Quoc. They are irresponsible in anchoring, guiding customers in shallow areas of coral reef. Local government is implementing a number of solutions in order to limit the number of wooden boats, restricting them from anchoring in areas of coral reefs.
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